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Monday, August 7, 2017

Melbourne duo HPKNS new EP release "This Is What You Get"....alternative blues-rock

‘This Is What You Get’, released May 2017, is the debut EP from Melbourne duo HPKNS (pronounced Hopkins, aka James Deville and David Lovegrove). 

The record is raw and unfiltered to capture the simplicity and early stages of the bands life. 

Stream on Soundcloud HERE

The writing obsesses over the illusions of lust and desire while the edgy and dark narrative style of lyrics draws inspiration from another Melbourne native, Nick Cave. Musically there was a strong urge to do as much as possible with as little resource as possible. The challenge of restraint produces an apocalyptic post-blues sound with power and violence reminiscent of other two pieces, The White Stripes and Royal Blood. 

Download on Bandcamp page HERE

All music was written in two weeks from their Southbank apartment and recorded in 3 days at Hothouse Studios, St.Kilda.

All Songs: J Deville & D Lovegrove 
Recorded & Mixed by Jez Giddings / Hothouse, St Kilda 
Mastered: Jack The Bear Deluxe Mastering, Brunswick

Official website


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