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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Sydney experimental-electronic duo Blondebears debut single "Dissolve"

Sydney experimental-electronic duo Blondebears are Jake Stiles and Sebastian Morales. On their debut, the two songwriters deliver the mesmerising track titled ‘Dissolve’ – produced and recorded by the group themselves at their Sydney-based studios.

Opening with warped synths, soothing falsetto and hypnotic beats, ‘Dissolve’ soars into a gradual crescendo; unapologetically melding its array of hauntingly beautiful and cracked sonic textures. As the layers ascend and overlap seamlessly, the dream-laden journey eventually enters a state of climax and resolves fading out distantly; leaving behind an air of melancholy.

Stream 'Dissolve'

The moody cut also carries a deeper and underlying hypothesis further explained by Stiles –

“'Dissolve" is about empathy for other human beings and living in another person’s body for a day. What should you do with someone else's life? The character abuses their new body/lifestyle and disagrees with how others lead their lives but eventually empathises with other humans after living as them and feeling new emotions and experiences. I feel it is paramount to accept people from different circumstances or life experiences. With imagining how they live their day to day lives we can better understand others from another perspective.”

Stiles and Morales first met through an unsuccessful attempt to sneak into a music festival underage. Sharing a common love for music the boys experimented with different instruments and sounds until finding what would be known as Blondebears. The two plan to continually release new songs over the year and launch their live show nationally.

‘Dissolve’ is available via Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes and all good digital retailer’s 


Sunday, July 9, 2017

Instrumental guitarist Ash Ravens new self-titled album release..professional adept in multiple genres

Ash Ravens is a professional guitarist, songwriter and teacher currently residing in Melbourne, Australia. Ash has so far played with and filled in with several different bands and solo artists in Los Angeles, USA and Melbourne. He has also toured with up and coming country artist Adrian Thomas at the TAMWORTH COUNTRY MUSIC FESTIVAL 2016.

Ash is a graduate of the prestigious Los Angeles College of Music (formerly known as LA Music Academy or LAMA), where he studied with the world's best music educators - Jody Fisher (world renowned jazz educator, author and performer), Tariqh Akoni (Musical Director Josh Groban, guitarist for Chaka Khan etc), Tony Inzalaco (Frank Zappa) Dave Hill, David Pozzy and many others. During his time in Los Angeles, Ash has performed with several bands as a fill-in guitarist and as a member at venues such as House of Blues Hollywood and at the Whiskey.

Ash performs with various bands and artists, does studio/session guitarist work and arranging, along side teaching guitar in Parkhill Primary School Ashwood and privately. He is a member of the long running Beatles Tribute Group - Beatles and Beyond. Being a professional guitar player, Ash understands the value of blending in with the band and his guitar playing style is incredibly 'fluid' - being adept in a multitude of genres and sounds. Ash can fit himself in virtually any band, all the while his original work reflects his unique musical fingerprints and an expression of his soul.

album links:
Spotify: | 
iTunes: | 
Amazon: | 
Google Play: 


Wednesday, July 5, 2017

The New Savages EP release and winter tour....original and modern style blues

Melbourne based The New Savages are just about to release their third EP and are also doing a huge 39 date national tour in support of it.

They play an original and modern kind of blues very steeped in the trance-like boogie drone of the Mississippi Hill Country tradition. Guitarist Milan's style is heavily influenced by the original 1930's blues men like Son House and Blind Willie Johnson and Nathan is a seasoned Jazz drummer. Milan's vocals are often compared to Jim Morrison and sometimes Nick Cave or Johnny Cash.

The first single from the EP is "I've Lost My Little Girl" now viewing on YouTube:

"These guys … they get it. Check ’em out as soon as you are able" – Matt Frederick, PBS 106.7 The Juke Joint

“The New Savages have a love for blues with a thousand-yard stare. They specialise in unearthing lost riffs and giving them a second life in new songs.” – B Mag

Find out more on official website:

..and on facebook:

Tour Dates :

Monday, July 3, 2017

Melbourne grunge/pop band Shorts debut EP release "Something Else"

Shorts are a grunge/pop band from Melbourne whose influences include Weezer, Happy Diving, Joyce Manor and Yuck.

They recently recorded their debut EP 'Something Else' with engineer, producer and mix lord Aaron Dobos whose previous work includes The Avalanches, 30 Seconds to Mars and Britney Spears.

Shorts started way back in 2013 when Guitarist Shayne McNeill and vocalist Lachlan Bradford traveled through the states in a worn out, broken down dodge ram. Armed with nothing but an acoustic guitar, the two man band started writing songs inspired by their experience on the road.

Shorts eventually came to formation when long time friend, guitarist/bassist/genius Armarin Saengsri, joined the band in late 2016. Adding some polish and structure Shorts went into the studio to record their debut EP 'Something Else' with producer, engineer and mix lord Aaron Dobos. After laying down the drums for the EP, Mitchell Casey joined the band and as they say, the rest is history.

The first single released was 'Zyka' in April. Check it out on YouTube HERE.

Sun Dogs has just been released and is also now on YouTube:

Find out more on OFFICIAL WEBSITE:

Download and stream HERE on Bandcamp

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Sydney-based artist Dead Language unveils captivating debut EP "Like Heart"..electro-pop grooves

“The song is a wildly infectious, upbeat groover of a track that actually deals with deceptively serious lyrical themes.” THE MUSIC (AUS)

“It's bold and brave and the arrangements are great.” Dom Alessio - triple j (AUS)

Featured by Rolling Stone Australia

After releasing a collection of critically praised singles, Sydney-based electro-pop artist, Dead Language aka Dominic Price, is excited to unveil his impressive debut EP ‘Like Heart’ – recorded at Coogee’s Yap Yap Studios.


‘Like Heart’ sees Price explore new creative realms, by combining 80’s-esque synths likened to A-ha and Dare with snappy instrumentals and crisp production likened to E^ST and Patrick Wolf and a hint of 90’s electronica.  

Price describes the inspiration behind the EP – “All the songs found here were written while I was living in a share house in Leichhardt, Sydney. I wanted to immortalise that part of my life and pay tribute to the suburb that had yielded so much musical fodder for me, hence the homophonous ‘Like Heart’. It was in that house that I had first fallen in love, that I had went to recover, and yet that I had also met my darkest demons. The EP is a patchwork. It’s my (therapeutic) attempt to make something beautiful and whole from the pieces left of a fractured period in my life, like an old hand-sewn quilt. It’s my attempt to capture the extremities, the mundanities, the everything-in-betweens of being in your early twenties.”

Since Dead Language’s inception in 2014, Price has consistently released critically adored singles, which have been strongly supported by the likes of Rolling Stone Australia, Pilerats, Happy, triple j Unearthed, FBi and the hype machine blog community.


Sunday, June 25, 2017

Steve Kilbey and Martin Kennedy release 5th album, Glow and Fade

Glow and Fade is album number 5 from Steve Kilbey and Martin Kennedy, celebrating a decade of collaboration.  The 8 track musical trip released through Golden Robot Records is available now on CD and digital release, with the vinyl edition for collectors to follow in late July, exclusive to the SFR Store.

“The songs are about wide-eyed naivete and crushing cynicism, nature of time, time of nature, the struggle and the defeat, love in all its old disguises. It really is quite a journey.” – Steve Kilbey

“Musically, it is the ultimate convergence of all my music projects and influences from my childhood love of Pink Floyd to the atmospheric landscapes of my All India Radio project and the dream rock of our Kilbey Kennedy output. It all comes together on Glow and Fade.” – Martin Kennedy

The album features artwork by the legendary, Bruce Pennington, famous for his evocative artwork for Frank Herbert’s Dune books in the 1960,s.  Together with the music, it brings back memories of classic concept albums of the past. 

The latest masterpiece from Kilbey Kennedy includes the spacey, dream rock of the title track, Glow and Fade, which immediately transports the listener to another world with Kilbey’s melancholic optimism reminding all of our earthly, human limitations.  The Game Never Changes is a sixteen minute prog-rock inspired epic, going through some of Kilbey’s darkest ever lyrics and ending with a soaring solo of Pink Floyd proportions. With echoes of David Bowie and Roger Waters then comes They Know, with its oblique lyrics inter-weaved with lush acoustic guitar, strings and trumpet. 

The fourth track on the album, We Are Still Waiting, is the first single to be lifted from the album.  It’s driving synth laden dream pop with everything that was good about the 80’s and showcases Kilbey’s lyrical mastery in a beautiful duet with Melbourne vocalist, Selena Cross.  Cross also joins Kilbey for The Law of the Jungle, a real-life break-up being the catalyst for this heart achingly raw song.  Levitate and The Story of Jonah, continue the brilliance, with slow beats, dark synth, and prog-rock overtones.  Completing the magic is One Is All, a play on All Is One from Kilbey Kennedy’s first album together, providing a fitting bookend to the ten years of collaboration and an uplifting conclusion to Glow and Fade.

The official music video for We Are Still Waiting is a visually striking video by Polish experimental filmmaker Lukasz Pytlik and the mesmerising accompaniment to Steve Kilbey and Martin Kennedy's Simple Minds-esque track.  Check it out here: View We Are Still Waiting by Kilbey Kennedy on YouTube

SFR Store (signed CD, fan bundles & vinyl, with bonus tracks) |
iTunes (with bonus track) |
JB Hi-Fi |
Sanity |

About Steve Kilbey
Steve Kilbey…singer, songwriter, bassist, painter, writer, poet, actor, sage, and dispenser of arcane wisdom, is one of Australia’s most loved artists.

Steve got his first bass guitar at age 16, joined a “cabaret” band at 18, formed a couple of bands “Precious Little” who morphed into “Baby Grande” (Peter Koppes was in both these groups too), and in 1980, formed The Church and has released 14 solo music albums since.

The popular song Under the Milky Way won the "Best Single of the Year" award at the Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA) awards event in 1989. For his work with The Church, Kilbey then accepted, together with his band mates, an induction into the ARIA Hall of Fame.

About Martin Kennedy
The music of Martin Kennedy aka ARIA nominated soundscapers, All India Radio, has featured in CSI: Miami, One Tree Hill, The Lying Game, the UK’s long running Emmerdale, Julia Zemiro's Home Delivery, Bondi Rescue, sci-fi feature film The Rare Earth and many more.

Martin and All India Radio have released ten acclaimed albums since 1999 and have worked with Steve Kilbey, Ed Kuepper and David Bridie.  A Science Fiction fan ever since his mother took him to see 2001: A Space Odyssey in 1976, multi-instrumentalist/All India Radio mastermind, Martin Kennedy has been exploring his fascination with outer space, not least through the cinematic ambient soundscapes of his long-standing, prolific band and its evocative song titles, but also his use of science fiction themed album artwork.

Website | Facebook | Insta | Twitter | YouTube

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

That Red Head new single release "Gotta Be A Man"...punk infused anthem

After the warm reception of sultry debut single ‘Killer’, Sydney-based rockabilly and blues trio That Red Head are back with their new punk infused anthem ‘Gotta Be A Man’. Powered by Lozz Benson’s propulsive drums and fierce vocals, the relentless single is a musical manifestation of Benson’s frustration at how women are treated in the Aussie music scene - and by extension, in life.

Despite her young age, front woman Lozz Benson has been around the blocks in the Aussie music scene, collaborating with legends like Paul Kelly and playing drums for bands including Urthboy and buzzy all-female outfit Rackett. Despite countless positive experiences as she’s earned her stripes, Benson has also been on the receiving end of the lack of respect and recognition often extended to female muso's in an industry that is predominantly run by men.

"Gotta Be A Man" is an energetic anthem to empower and inspire. I'm shifting the bands sound from our last release and changing how I front the band - from a sassy laid back songstress to a badass rebel with an attitude.” - Lozz Benson

"Gotta be a Man" was recorded by Richie Belkner (Jack Ladder, PVT, Thirty Merc) at Free Energy Device Studios in Sydney and is available digitally on Spotify and iTunes.

“Lozz is a real entertainer on stage. She is the centre of attention, driving the band from behind the drums with leadership and great panache, as well as singing flawlessly and entertaining the dancing crowd in her energetic and unique way.” - Jim Moginie, Midnight Oil

Lozz Benson is a powerhouse drummer from Sydney and That Red Head is an extension of her love for the dirty blues and old school rock’n’roll. She has recorded with Paul Kelly, Jacob Stone (Bluejuice), Jeremy Davidson (The Snowdroppers), Steve Smyth, All Our Exes Live in Texas, Sandy Evans (OAM, The Catholics), Jim Moginie (Midnight Oil), Ryan Hazel (The Fumes) and Chris D’Rozario (Brian Setzer). She has toured with Urthboy, Pat Capocci, Hedgefund, and Sirens Big Band. She is the newest member of Rackett who have supported DZ Deathrays, Stonefield, Sticky Fingers, Abbe May, Bleached (US) and will soon support The Darkness on their upcoming tour of Australia. Lozz also recently received Drumteks AUDW Best Female Drummer Award.

see more on facebook page:

Monday, June 19, 2017

Blues and Roots artist Ivor S.K. new album release "Montserrat"

“Montserrat” is the debut album from dynamic blues man Ivor S.K., following hot on the heels of the internationally acclaimed, all acoustic EP “Delta Pines”. Montserrat features 10 cuts that travel the gamut of the blues and all of its closely related tangents, introducing a new sonic landscape with fresh instrumentation, while keeping Ivor’s trademark stripped back simplicity. Ivor also plays all the instruments on the album, lending the songs a uniquely personal touch.

Montserrat is a watershed moment in the career of Ivor S.K., displaying a diversity not only as a musician, but also as a song smith in an evolution that takes his talent and passion for keeping the blues alive another step forward. At just 26 years of age, there is plenty more to come.


Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Sunshine-Coast Indie-Pop quartet Selahphonics' new single 'Had Our Heaven'

Carving out a reputation as one of Australia’s hardest working independent indie-pop bands, Sunshine Coast-based Selahphonic recently unveiled their new single ‘Had Our Heaven’ – The lead track lifted from their forthcoming and debut EP ‘Therapy’ - Recorded at Cooper Lane Studio, Sydney by Chris Collins (Gang of Youths, Tigertown, Middle Kids).


Keeping in line with their signature anthemic stadium pop sound, ‘Had Our Heaven’ glimmers with synth-laden hooks, infectious lead-guitar licks and is backed by a simple, yet sturdy and bouncing rhythm section; all combining to complement the catchy sing-a-long melodies of endearing front man, Jamie Coyle. 

Since their inception in 2011, Selahphonic have released a slew of standout singles widely embraced by various media platforms, including tastemaker blogs Crack in The Road (USA), Acid Stag (AUS), Pilerats (AUS), stellar reviews and rotation via triple j Unearthed and other key support from the likes of MTV, Tone Deaf and The Music.  

In 2016, the group maintained a consistent touring schedule, including a performance at Australia’s largest music industry conference, BIGSOUND, where they caught the attention of one of the countries most esteemed booking agencies, The Harbour Agency, who signed the quartet immediately.

As well as constantly traversing through local live music venues, Selahphonic have put together DIY backyard show tours and performed globally, which includes appearances at showcases and festivals Culture Collide, CMJ and Canadian Music Week.

“A solid attempt right here at the stadium pop sound of The Wombats and Two Door Cinema Club."
Dom Alessio – triple j (AUS)
“Selahphonic have captivated listeners’ attention with their own unique and energetic power-pop vibes."
Happy (AUS)


Sunday, June 4, 2017

Who is ~yesqueen~? New-Folk, poet, musician, human right's campaigner

New-Folk, poet, musician, human right's campaigner, ~ y e s q u e e n ~ was born Hook Richard on June 7, 1995, in Hastings, Victoria, Australia. While attending college, he began performing popular folk songs, and took to touring Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom shortly after graduating. ~ y e s q u e e n ~ has released a new album 'HOOK RICHARD'  via Recorder Records.

'HOOK RICHARD' is an innovative, outlook on the new digital age we are in. ~ y e s q u e e n ~ ask's you the question, do you believe 'Digital Vinyl' is the way of the future? 

Inside the new album 'HOOK RICHARD', ~ y e s q u e e n ~ will question political subject, the media role and bring forth a fresh new approach, asking the listener, do we deserve answers to the state of leadership in our time right now? What does freedom and opinion look like to you and where does music become a leader?

Early Life: born to parents Karen and Glenn Taylor; he and his younger brother Blair were raised in the community of Geelong where he graduated from St Josephs College to begin touring . Driven by the influences of pop music; Bob Dylan, Damien Rice and Passenger, he began busking in Flinders Street Station, Melbourne. He became a regular on the Australian, New Zealand and UK touring circuit, supporting established Australian acts; Hunters and Collectors, James Reyne, Josh Pyke, Carus Thompson and Jordie Lane. ~ y e s q u e e n ~ has released 5 albums and was signed to Australian record label 'Recorder Records' in March 2017.


Y e s q u e e n ~


Monday, May 22, 2017

Byron Bay-based reggae / hip-hop group, Drop Legs, new single release 'Lizzy'

Following on from releasing their standout tracks ‘Criminal’ and ‘750 mL To Paradise’, Byron Bay-based upstarts, Drop Legs, have recently unveiled the brand-new sun-soaked single, ‘Lizzy’.


Taking cues from the likes of The Roots, Blue King Brown and Koi Child, ‘Lizzy’ shines a light on the group’s ability to meld an array of eclectic influences by combining themes of reggae and hip-hop; yet remaining cohesive in their overall delivery and finish of a song.

Forming less than eighteen months ago, the sextet has wasted no time in developing a strong work ethic towards touring; already traversing the East Coast four times and with a run of Indonesian shows presented by Sailor Jerry. Along their travels they’ve also managed to share the stage with the likes of Sticky Fingers, Ocean Alley, Opiuo, Boo Seeka and The Bennies. 

“You can hear the ethos and influence of StiFi with Drop Legs but they've taken this sound and done their take on it very nicely. I can imagine this one getting a massive response live."
Dave Ruby Howe – triple j (AUS)
“Drop Legs are (or are damn sure about to be) everyone's favourite coastal chill/hip hop/reggae sensation. They're smooth, clever and funky, and you need them in your playlist."
Erica Mallett – FBi Radio (AUS)

‘Lizzy’ is available now via Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes and all other good digital retailers


Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Q&A session with Indie-Rock quartet WHARVES

Lennox Head-based indie-rock quartet, WHARVES, recently released their brand new single titled ‘Man You Want Me To Be’ – recorded and produced by Steven Schram (San Cisco, Tiny Little Houses) at Studio Circuit, Gold Coast QLD. (see previous post on this blog:

I caught up with band member Mike and fired a few hard-hitting questions at him:

Who or what inspired you to form Wharves and how did it all come together?

We met in Lismore through Southern Cross Uni. Matt, Scott and I had just formed the project when Fraser came along to take it to its final form. 

Any influences to speak of?

Big ones for me are Radiohead, Beck and Battles. As a band we particularly enjoy the sounds of Foals, City Calm Down, The Strokes, Arctic Monkeys and Queens of the Stone Age.

Where does the name come from and does it have a meaning behind it?

We did a photo-shoot before we had a name which was of us coming out of the water (you can stalk our FB page and find it) and it had a nautical feel to it.  The photographer's (David Andreas) girlfriend typed "WHARVES" in a group-chat when talking about the photo-shoot and Matt liked how it looked and pitched to us and we agreed that it was fitting. A fun fact; we were named Peach Cat for about a week before changing.

Who does the songwriting and is it a collective effort?

It’s definitely a collective effort. We have a few ways of working which is great. Sometimes Matt has an acoustic demo, some just happen in a jam and others come from making demos in Ableton. We’ve got a stack of demos that we are constantly adding to and referring back to.

Do you consider yourselves a strictly Australian group or want to be known internationally?

We would love to be known internationally, playing festivals and gigs overseas would be an absolute dream come true. 

How important are outlets like triple j unearthed to help promote local artists?

They are absolutely essential. Triple J Unearthed do such an amazing job of getting bands in there infancy out to the world. (see

Are you happy with your sound or do wish to develop it further? If so, what would you add or improve on?

I’m totally up for developing it in the future. I take a lot of inspiration from Radiohead and Arctic Monkeys have progressed, each album sounds so different but they still have their original characteristics there. We’ve started adding some new gear, Scott just got a new awesome Synth, and I’ve been experimenting using Ableton as a guitar pedal.


Thank you to Jasmine Higgins at RARE FINDS


Thursday, May 4, 2017

Billy Fox returns with soul-infused electronic cut 'Shapes'

Fast gaining a reputation for consistently delivering standout tracks is Sydney-based indie-electronic producer, Billy Fox, who has just unveiled brand new single ‘Shapes’ – recorded, mixed and co- produced by Chris Collins (Tigertown, Middle Kids, Gang of Youths) and mastered by Steve Smart (Flume, Empire of the Sun) at 301 studios Sydney.
Whilst not swaying from the unique sound he has honed and developed over time, ‘Shapes’ showcases a significant progression in Fox’s songwriting and production. Glimmering with walls of beautifully arranged synths and harmony-laden vocal melodies;; the hauntingly mesmerising new offering finds balance within its well thought out structure and shifting dynamics.

The endearing musician describes the creative process behind ‘Shapes’ -

“Shapes is about our relationships as humans, and what we need to change in ourselves before we expect someone else to change. Co-producing this track with Chris Collins was seamless - he is such a genuine soul. The sessions were garnished with mixed-berry iced teas care of Charlie, Chris' wife and co-artist in Tigertown. This perfectly symbolised the theme of 'Shapes'-how we can be good people before we expect this of others.”

Most recent single ‘Avalanche’ was strongly supported by local and worldwide media, including radio stations triple j, FBi, 4ZZZ, SYN and Edge FM, streaming giants Spotify via their curated playlists, spins on MTV and reviews from a slew of tastemaker blogs – which resulted in a top ten charting position via Hype Machine’s esteemed ‘Now’ charts.

To celebrate the release of ‘Shapes’, Fox will play a hometown Sydney launch show at OAF Gallery, co- headlining with Brisbane songstress, San Mei.

In the coming weeks, an accompanying music video will be unveiled alongside an East Coast tour.

‘Shapes’ is available worldwide via Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes and all other good digital retailers 


Monday, April 24, 2017

SA blues trio Lazy Eye new release "Pocket The Black"..soul drenched blues

Soul drenched blues. Think B.B. King sharing a scotch with Booker T at the crossroads after midnight. 

Lazy Eye kicked off 2016 off with a whirlwind trip across the South Pacific to the land where the Blues began. Upon reaching the quarter finals, the Hammond Organ Trio became the inaugural band to represent South Australia at the International Blues Challenge in Memphis, Tennessee. Following the competition, the band played one show only at the legendary B.B. King’s Blues Club on Beale Street, a highlight of the trip, before heading home thoroughly grounded in the blues.

Having clocked up a multitude of miles in their tour van, the 2015 Group Of The Year (Australian Blues Music Awards) has not only developed a reputation as one of the hardest working bands in their home country but has also picked up a swag of accolades along the way including Best Blues Album for their debut release Move Me (2013 SA Blues & Roots), Best Blues Artist (2014 South Australian Music Awards) and nominations for Song Of The Year (Hole In My Pocket, 2015 Australian Blues Music Awards) and Most Popular Blues/Roots Artist (2016 South Australian Music Awards). 

On release, their brand new offering Pocket The Black has been judged the 2016 Blues Album Of The Year (Adelaide Roots & Blues Association) and has been nominated for Album Of The Year at the 2017 Australian Blues Music Awards.

Marty's reviewPocket the Black is Lazy Eye in a live studio setting that captures the true essence of their rootsy blues with soul and delivers it in a straight forward and down to earth way. Keeping the production to as close to their live show as they can, with minimal overdubs and being able to do extra takes, the album is a collection of all original soul-blues numbers with punch and vigor that showcases the professional talents of each member. 

Stream and download the album HERE:

Official website:


“Pocket the black is an album firmly planted in the past, present and future of the blues, a brilliant
collusion of old and new” Made In The Shade

“It’s easy to see why Lazy Eye have been getting the plaudits they easily deserve. It’s the blues done well with soul and passion.” Music SA 

“Whetter’s vocals are gritty with a velvety smack of soul” Sydney Morning Herald 

“It’s a pleasure to see a weather-beaten Hammond fronting a band and even more so when it’s wielded with style. Such is the case with Adelaide blues outfit Lazy Eye” The Australian 

“The universal recognition is testament to the hard work and drive the three piece have applied since their formation just three years ago. Their throwback blend of electric blues and old school rock ‘n’ roll has earnt them festival spots all over the country”  Rip It Up

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