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Sunday, January 19, 2020

So You Wanna Be A Rock'n'Roll Star - various Australian artists...the last and first post

The Aussie Music Blog is winding down and I won't be posting any more. Thank you to all the visitors and readers who have stopped by over the years and left supportive comments, I do appreciate them. 

For this last post I am sharing again the very first post from this blog (originally posted in December 2012), the compilation album "So You Wanna be A Rock'n'Roll Star", one of the most popular posts from the blog. This now very rare 82 track compilation presents some of the more popular and obscure music from the 1960's and is the perfect anthology for fans of classic Australian music. This version is in FLAC with all artwork. The MP3 version can be found on the original post HERE.


Wednesday, December 25, 2019

100 Greatest Australian Singles of the '60' various artists

The 100 Greatest Australian Singles of the '60's as selected by David N.Pepperell and Colin Talbot for the book publication of the same title.

Featuring The Easybeats, The Seekers, Normie Rowe, The Bee Gees, Johnny Farnham, Russell Morris, Billy Thorpe and The Aztecs, Jimmy Little, Betty McQuade, Zoot, Lynne Randell, Bobby and Laurie, Johnny O'Keefe, The Twilights, The Masters Apprentices, The Loved Ones and more.

Thursday, December 19, 2019

Melbourne dirty blues trio Southbound Snake Charmers EP release "To the Bone"..bluesy swamp vibes

Melbourne dirty blues trio, Southbound Snake Charmers are back with their 4th release; The eagerly awaited To The Bone EP, accompanied by a music video for their new singleNo Land.

Conjuring up those old school bluesy swamp vibes reminiscent of a black and white voodoo film, To The Bone features the single “Through The Smoke” recently released on a limited edition 7” vinyl.

To The Bone is the bands’ first release since the much acclaimed “Rhythm and Rust” full length album back in January 2017 and includes remastered versions of “Ride On” and “Don’t Speak Too Soon”. The EP was recorded by Ash Ravens Music.

For fans of Creedence Clearwater Revival, Jimi Hendrix, Radio Moscow and Graveyard.

official website:

To The Bone Track Listing:

1 . Through The Smoke
2 . Playin’ With Fire
3 . No Land
4 . My Crazy
5 . Ride On (Remastered)
6 . Don’t Speak Too Soon (Remastered)

Saturday, December 14, 2019

Melbourne Art-Rock artist Halfbeak LP release "Innocent Bystander"...ambient punk and electronica

Halfbeak is prolific Melbourne singer-songwriter Tim Gum. From his beginnings in the early 2000's as 3RRR demo of the month-winning “Snowbug” to his most recent EP “Things I Knew”, which was co-produced by fan and APRA award-winning composer Damien Lane, Tim Gum has written and recorded enough quality material to fill 25-plus LP's. “Innocent Bystander” is the first of many planned LP releases and consists entirely of music written in 2019. 

Promotional track “Curvature Of The Spine” is a meditative Sonic Boom-meets-Scott Walker number. The second promotional trackI’ll Be Your One-Way Mirror” is the dark alter-ego of “For The Benefit of Mr. Kite”. Elsewhere, the LP spans electronica, hip hop and art-rock, capturing a broad mix of influences including Kid A, Erik Satie, The Residents, Endtroducing and Blackstar. Lyrically, the LP explores some dark themes. Although decay, destruction, disease and death abound, the work retains the humorous and playful spirit that is core of much of Halfbeak’s backlog. Conceptually, the album comments on the bewildering life choices we sometimes make, and the feeling of powerlessness that some of us feel when the consequences spin out of control.

Genre: Art-Rock, Ambient Punk, Experimental Electronica


Monday, December 2, 2019

Victorian Country/Pop duo Souly Us release debut album "Alive"...all emotions covered

Souly Us, the recipients of the 2019 APRA AMCOS New Songwriter of the Year award from the Tamworth Songwriters Association (TSA), recently released their debut album ‘Alive’. The release comes off the back of the duo’s Hello World EP, which peaked at #5 on the iTunes Country Music Charts. Their debut single ‘Meant to Be’ received widespread airplay across Australia, while its follow up single, ‘My Soldier’ reached #10 on the iTunes Country Music Charts.

Speaking of the album, Souly Us says, ‘Every single person will get something out of this album. Whether it’s a powerful break-up ballad, an uplifting song of strength, a love song or a song about life, this album is bound to capture listeners in more ways than one and covers all types of emotions.’

Comprised of Kate Appleyard and Ben Mawdsley, Souly Us recorded and produced ‘Alive’ in their home studio in Inverloch, Victoria, while it was mixed by ARIA and CMAA winner Matt Fell and mastered by Michael Carpenter at Love HZ Studios in Sydney. ‘With country music at heart and a twist of pop, every track on this album was written and produced by us with the assistance of Matt Fell’s final mixing touch and Michael Carpenter’s mastering at Love HZ Studios in Sydney,’ Souly Us says.

Taking inspiration from the world around them, ‘Alive’ features the soulful sound, powerful storytelling and captivating lyrics the young Victorian duo have been known for since forming in January 2018. With Kate’s warm angelic voice and Ben’s rhythmic and passionate artistry on guitar, the band share dreams, hope, love and connection through their latest release.


Friday, November 22, 2019

Sydney-based indie-rock artist Timi Temple New Single 'Quick Words, Long Trouble'

Sydney-based indie-rock artist Timi Temple has returned with another rousing anthem in ‘Quick Words, Long Trouble’, produced and recorded by the artist himself.

The track opens up with purring flange guitar lines and woody drum rims, before expanding into a frenetic pre-chorus enveloped by Timi’s psychedelic screams. The choruses open up like a classic lighter-in-the-air era Brit-Rock sing-along, highlighted by a swift change in tempo and chunking rhythm guitars.

Timi talks about the meaning behind ‘Quick Words, Long Trouble’:

“’Quick Words, Long Trouble’ is my first song about love. I’ve generally tried to avoid writing songs about love because I think it’s been rinsed enough times by other artists. However, this song was cathartic and therapeutic to me as it helped me through a long-term breakup. The phrase is something that my mother used to tell me, somewhat translated from Thai meaning ‘don’t do anything in heated anger because the repercussions will last forever’. It’s served me well, but also probably lead to me not fighting for a salvageable relationship because I was too cautious with my words. The spoken word poem in the bridge of this song reflects this”.


Saturday, November 16, 2019

Reckless Kelly.....A Serious Motion Picture by various Australian artists

soundtrack to the 1993 movie starring Yahoo Serious featuring music by INXS, Yothu Yindi, The Dukes, Mental As Anything, Divinyls, James Reyne, Anthony Warlow and more.

1 –Inxs Born To Be Wild 3:52
2 –The Dukes I Fought The Law 2:57
3 –Divinyls Wild Thing 4:15
4 –Alan Dargin, Yahoo Serious Awabakelly 1:18
5 –Yothu Yindi Djapana 4:03
6 –Mental As Anything Ride 3:16
7 –Anthony Warlow Handle The Fame 2:32
8 –The Dukes Happiness Is A Warm Gun 3:03
9 –Yahoo Serious Reckless Angels 0:39
10 –Single Gun Theory From A Million Miles 4:36
11 –The Dukes Faith 3:20
12 –Steve Kilbey As You Like It 4:28
13 –Succotash Bedazzled 3:52
14 –James Reyne Reckless 6:06
15 –Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver Happy On My Way 1:59
16 –Yahoo Serious, The Victorian Philharmonic Orchestra Such Is Life
17 –Anthony Warlow Handle The Fame (Finale) 0:26

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

acoustic-folk artist Kim Churchill new EP release 'FORGETTING'..emotively-driven and solemn

Kim Churchill is proud to reveal his new EP; 'FORGETTING'. Produced by Colin Stewart (Yukon Blonde / Dan Mangan) and written and recorded entirely on Vancouver Island, 'FORGETTING' is the second in a four-part series, where each EP was written and recorded in a different country in collaboration with local artists and producers.

“Canada is a country of extremes”, says Kim. “The huge, dramatic cliffs on one side and a perfectly calm and tranquil lake on the other. The startling reds and oranges of the fall compared with the brilliant greens of summer, the blinding white of the snow in winter, Canada is a country that really showcases its natural beauty. I wanted to capture that feeling of being simultaneously awed and overwhelmed by the power of nature and the comfort and safety of being embraced by it”.

‘FORGETTING’ features six tracks of emotively-driven and solemn acoustic-folk, which at times largely shines a light on the beauty in cracks and flaws. It’s sonically rustic, mesmerising and carries a strong sense of bona fide endearment that Kim has become widely known for. A stunning cover of Coldplay’s ‘See You Soon’ is included on the record. 

A traveller as much as an artist, Kim has lived on the road for years, but it was no longer enough just to pass through; for Kim it was time to show that world in his songs. This is Kim showing the value of a new way of thinking, of writing … of living.

The exciting and unique project will also see Kim release an additional two EP’s over time, that were written and recorded in Australia and the UK respectively. This follows on from his critically acclaimed EP ‘I AM’ – the first record of the four-part series that was written and recorded in Berlin, Germany.


Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Newtown (NSW) punk rockers SCABZ New Single 'Feel Good Summer' ...a full-scale assault

Newtown’s self-proclaimed shittest band SCABZ have just revealed their striking new single ‘Feel Good Summer’ – produced and mixed by Daniel Antix at Defwolf Studios, Sydney.

Ringing feedback and pounding drums set the tone for SCABZ’s latest offering. The track wastes no time launching into a full-scale assault of raucous and gritty punk-rock, as singer and guitarist Siobhan Poynton belts out lyrics from the perspective of climate change deniers and the ridiculous points they make to justify their cause.

Poynton talks about the bands passionate stance on global warming:

There isn’t really an excuse to not care about climate change. We’re just at the point that we’ve realised nothing really matters if you’ve gone extinct”.

To coincide with the release, the band will traverse the East Coast on an eight-date tour, stopping by the Northern Beaches, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Newcastle, Canberra, Wollongong, Melbourne and of course, Newtown.




Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Country singer-songwriter Hayley Marsten debut album release Spectacular Heartbreak

Singer-songwriter Hayley Marsten recently released her debut album Spectacular Heartbreak. It comes off the back of ever-increasing exposure and popularity as singles off the album, including ‘Wendy’ and ‘Red Wine, White Dress’, strike a chord with listeners across the country.  Marsten has found herself reaching an unprecedented audience and connecting with people through her sometimes sassy, always heartfelt personality. 

Speaking about Spectacular Heartbreak, Marsten says it’s ‘as dramatic as it sounds. I had two really clear visions coming in: I only wanted to work with people I was friends with so I could be as honest and exposed as possible, and I wanted the album to sound like my personality: big, and a little dramatic, but still fun with a bit of risk. I think those visions were realised.’

 From ‘Wendy’, a tribute to the strength and guidance of Marsten’s mother, to ‘Pretty’, which takes aim at the expectations of aesthetic beauty, Spectacular Heartbreak takes listeners on a journey that’s both universal and incredibly personal. “It was tragic, confusing, it was more than I could take,” sings Marsten on the title track and it’s the perfect way to describe the album itself: tragic, confusing, magic and moving. The biggest gut punch comes last with ‘Time I Have’, which finds Marsten addressing her priorities after playing at a friend’s wake after their unexpected death.

The album was recorded with ARIA Award and Golden Guitar winning producer Matt Fell at Love HZ Studio in Sydney in what’s been an ongoing and successful professional relationship. ‘He really flipped for my vision of the album,’ says Marsten, ‘and totally ran with my ideas.’ Those ideas included bringing strings into the studio and letting Arna Georgia, her friend and fellow country musician, whistle on one of the tracks.

 ‘I think that at first glance you could probably write this as just another break-up album,’ says Marsten, ‘but it’s much more than that. With a name like Spectacular Heartbreak you’d be correct in assuming I’ve run into a few heartbreaks over the past two years, but I don’t hear sadness or defeat in this record. It’s about strength and acceptance, about standing up for what you believe is right and living like you don’t how much time you have. I think it’s the perfect representation of me as a young woman finding her place in the world and trying to find the spectacular in the heartbreak.’


Friday, October 11, 2019

Morning of the Earth...1972 original film by Taman Shud, Brian Cadd, G.Wayne Thomas

Morning of the Earth is arguably the first surf movie that went beyond waves and into something of a (wordless) meditation on life based on surfing. The film is a product of it's time (very early '70's - first years of shortboard transition) and is full of back-to-the-country hippy vibes as well as some beautifully filmed surfing on Australian, Hawaian and Bali waves. The soundtrack is therefore a mixed bag of Australasian country folk (G.Wayne Thomas, Brian Cadd) and psychedelic prog-rock (Taman Shud). Like the film the soundtrack is a bit of a time machine back to a by-gone era. It is for the nostalgic or those wanting a good compilation of early 70's Australasian psych-folk stuff. The film is still one of the all-time classic surf movies too so check it out. (Amazon review)

Very few soundtrack recordings give themselves to anything more than a passing link to the film as a movie soundtrack should. Morning Of The Earth defies that definition! it cleverly assembles (in that era) Australia's finest musicians and makes a group statement through the music of a land that existed once where you could grab a change of shorts a board and a couple of cassettes in the panel van and head on up the coast! (discogs review)

–G. Wayne Thomas Morning Of The Earth 5:09
–Terry Hannigan I'll Be Alright 4:05
–Taman Shud First Things First 4:09
–Brian Cadd Sure Feels Good 3:44
–G. Wayne Thomas Open Up Your Heart 3:41
–John J. Francis Simple Ben 7:41
–Taman Shud Bali Waters 6:13
–Brian Cadd Making It On Your Own 6:00
–G. Wayne Thomas Day Comes 2:55
–Taman Shud Sea The Swells 6:13
–Peter Howe I'm Alive 3:41
–Brian Cadd Come With Me 4:56

Monday, September 30, 2019

Sydney-based DIY indie-rock artist Timi Temple Unveils Striking Accompanying Video For 'Tomorrow Is Yesterday'

Following on from releasing his critically praised new single ‘Tomorrow Is Yesterday’, Sydney-based DIY indie-rock artist Timi Temple has just revealed the sombre accompanying music video – shot and directed by the artist himself.

Adding to his growing repertoire of DIY video clips, ‘Tomorrow Is Yesterday’ encapsulates the lyrical content of the track, portraying the mundane and often taxing everyday realities, through Groundhog Day-inspired visual storytelling. Created on a budget of just forty dollars, the black-and-white clip was shot throughout parts of the Northern Suburbs of Sydney, using a combination of clever production techniques including drenching his own Go-Pro in coffee and underwater takes shot under a jetty.

Timi describes the creative process behind the clip:

The concept was originally triggered from my lyric “I’ve got friends on the carriage, but I don’t know their names”. I thought about everyday repeating your steps and you get better and better at doing the same robotic thing. This then led to a Groundhog Day style epiphany where I realised I’m only getting better at doing a thing I don’t want to be doing. Obviously that spurred all these bad memories of things that have happened on my daily commute, like getting sneezed on, getting bird poo on you and coffee spilled on you. I was reminded of a time when someone sneezed on me on a train, instead of berating them and avoiding trains forever, I just brought tissues in my pocket from then on to prepare for someone else. This video is like a dream, going and exacting my revenge on all these people, ha ha!"


Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Pop-Electro artist Austen EP release "Passengers" and video for "Money"...vibrant and empowering

Austen recently uncovered the vibrant video for her empowering new anthem 'Money', alongside her genuinely anticipated debut EP 'Passenger Seat'. 

The video embodies what you see isn't what you always get, lulling viewers into a false reality. Working with director Jeff Anderson Jr, Austen explains the theme behind the clip saying "We wanted to poke fun at the “opulent” vibe, and the contrast between the way people portray themselves as cool versus the reality. It’s a combination of a dark, alluring fantasy and an underwhelming, funny reality which really sums up the whole song (and my whole personality)."

'Money' is another feather in this flourishing pop-electro artist's cap, leaving the listener feeling liberated rather than discouraged by her powerful pop prose. Dark and menacing synths rumble under Austen's infectious melody before erupting into her signature anthemic chorus full of self-empowerment and shout-ability. 

Consisting of five moody-electro tracks 'Passenger Seat' couples authenticity and self-love into undiluted, everyday anthems and features previously released tracks 'Too High To Cry', 'Anthem' and 'Money'.


Thursday, September 12, 2019

Folk-Roots singer-songwriter Michael Waugh new album release ‘The Weir’..insightful storytelling

Michael Waugh’s new album ‘The Weir’ reaches up from the dried, cracked heart of Gippsland’s irrigation reservoir - Lake Glenmaggie - asking what it means to grow up Australian. It is family ‘carguments’ on long holiday drives to see the big things of Australia, mozzie-bitten itches of first summer loves, Meldrum-fuelled familiarity of Aussie rock classics, and the lived-in love of dinner with your partner in front of Neighbours. But it is also about what lies underneath – our underbelly laid bare by the drought; the distances that drive us apart, the economic devastation of rural communities, the death-wish of boys in country towns, the spectres of colonisation, racism and homophobia.

The Weir’ is Michael Waugh’s third album. It follows ‘The Asphalt & The Oval’ (winner 2018 The Age Music Victoria Awards ‘Best Folk and Roots Album’) and 2016’s ‘What We Might Be’ (Golden Guitar Award nomination 2017) and is Michael’s third studio project with multiple ARIA and Golden Guitar winning producer Shane Nicholson.

Michael Waugh gives a profound new voice to the Australian experience. His insightful storytelling cuts to the heart of everyday life. It is honest, emotionally brave and compelling in its beauty. His insightful tributes to friends, family and parenthood are simultaneously deeply personal and nationally recognisable; audiences see their own brothers, parents, pubs, rivers, struggles and joys reflected in the faces of those characters who live large in Michael's songs.

You can catch Michael Waugh at one of his upcoming shows:

Saturday 14th September – The Palais (w/ Shane Nicholson) – Hepburn Springs, VIC
Saturday 21st September – Sandy Point Music Club (with Gretta Ziller) – Sandy Point, VIC
Friday 4th October – Oodies CafĂ© (w/ Scott Cook) – Bundaberg, QLD
Saturday 12th – Saturday 19th October – Cruisin Country 2019
Friday 1st – Sunday 3rd November – Maldon Folk Festival – Maldon, VIC
Saturday 16th November – Humph Hall (w/ Gretta Ziller) - Allambie Heights, NSW
Sunday 17th November – Illawarra Folk Club show (w/Gretta Ziller) – Kiama, NSW
Saturday 23rd November – Burke and Wills Winery – Heathcote, VIC
Saturday 30th November – By the Banks Festival – Albury, VIC
Wednesday 11th December – The Lomond Hotel - East Brunswick, VIC

The Weir - out now on Compass Bros Records through Universal Music Australia – buy here

Monday, September 9, 2019

Pop-punk quartet The Faim release new single ‘Humans’... powerful emotions

The Faim recently shared Humans, the first single from their forthcoming debut album State of Mind which will be released on Friday, September 13th via BMG. The track was produced with Patrick Morrisey (Weezer, Pharrell, Hayley Kiyoko) and David Dahlquist (Aurora, Fletcher) in New York and Los Angeles, and includes a great balance of unique pop-rock sounds, rounded out with lush live band elements and a massive, resonant chorus. 

Humans is about embracing the unique qualities that make up who we are, from our individual character and personality traits, to our strengths and weaknesses. These diverse characteristics, and how they evolve throughout our lives, show us what it means to be human and how connected we all actually are,” the band explains.

Stream and download ‘Humans’ HERE and pre-order 'State of Mind' HERE

The lyrics come from emotions or experiences personal to the musicians as a whole, with each song centering on an idea that’s relatable to both themselves and their listeners. Overall, State of Mind reveals a band on the rise, and a group of artists who are all about making genuine songs that bring people together and create a community.

We write from an honest place, and that’s something we always want to stay true to”, says frontman, Josh Raven. “It has to resonate with us for it be relatable to our fans. On this album it was about connecting with ourselves and exploring our influences and our own talent. If we stick to who we are and what we feel, hopefully everyone else will find something in the music too”, he elaborates.

Recently the band returned to Australia for the second time in 2019, building on the impressive ticket sales they achieved earlier in the year. The band continue to grow their base in Australia via their electric live show and powerful songs.


Thursday, August 29, 2019

Queensland singer/songwriter Robert Cini new single ‘Different Road’ from debut album "Imaginary Fun"

Award-winning Singer/Songwriter from Far North Queensland Robert Cini announces his new single ‘Different Road’ off the soon-to-be-released debut album "Imaginary Fun".

The sunny Jack Johnson like island vibes captivate a listener into a toe-tapping free-fall of melodic bliss. This is in part contrast to the weighty-personal inspiration behind the infectious tune, stemming from Robert’s struggles with feeling ‘Different’ to those around him due to his vision impairment, something he’s had since birth. The lyrical content is however made fun, light and widely accessible.

Robert says “Different Road” is both a very personal and relatable song”.  “Anyone that feels a little different and out of place, or has life a bit tougher than normal, I think will relate to this song”.

Marty's review: this instantly infectious song from Robert Cini has an upbeat and positive vibe about it that will draw listeners in and create a spark in the brain. With an island/reggae feel to it, the production is crisp and bright and Robert's songwriting skills are fresh and focused. There is certainly something in that far-north Queensland air!

For more information go to;

Saturday, August 17, 2019

BEACH PANIC! new single "Dance 'Till Your Feet Bleed"..energetic and infectious

Melbourne’s BEACH PANIC! are loud, confident, full of charm and artistic flare, and they’re back with a brand-new grooving tune "Dance 'Till Your Feet Bleed", the latest track off their just announced debut EP ‘Ride The Tiger’ slated for release in late September.

Following on from their previous release "Tsunami of Love", "Dance 'Till Your Feet Bleed" is about the desperate yearning for the intoxicating feeling of falling in love - a feeling sometimes so overwhelming that the only remedy there is, is to well... it’s all right there in the title.

Bringing together their punk-rock roots, love of art, and downright desire to shake a leg, BEACH PANIC! mix good ol’ fashioned party times with slick jangly riffs, ruthless kicks, and lyrics that speak simply of love - from the highest joys to the darkest desperations.

They wear their hearts on their sleeves, their sweat on the D-floor, and leave you with a smile on your face, adrenaline in your veins, and love in your heart.

Marty's thoughts: energetic and infectious punk grooves, a thumping beat, some 60's style psychedelia and a sense of humour from these guys makes this a very entertaining and lovable tune that is sure to hook you in and have you jumping around with a big smile on your face.

Keep on grooving with BEACH PANIC!:

Sunday, August 11, 2019

Melbourne smooth wave indie duo Verbrasco release debut EP k-block...dream like and ethereal sounds

Recently debuting with their DIY EP titled k-block, Melbourne smooth wave indie duo Verbrasco, consisting of two 19 year old Uni students Ethan Bowman and Brody Verhagen, have set out to release a collection of easy listening, spaced out songs with memorable melodies and easy going lyrics. 

Marty's review: Verbrasco's debut EP is a 3-track collection of beautiful, dream like tunes that have a surrounding ethereal quality and a chill effect which is easily accessible and listenable. These guys are unique and original, and certainly have a handle on creating sounds that are conceptual and creative.

stream on Spotify and YouTube