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Sunday, July 23, 2017

Indie-Dub trio Bootleg Rascal new release 'With You' music video

After releasing and touring their stellar new track ‘With You’ nationally to capacity crowds, Sydney indie-dub trio Bootleg Rascal have just unveiled the accompanying music.

Featuring stunning and eclectic collections of imagery, the clip for ‘With You’ is a departure from previous video productions by the group, by avoiding a traditional narrative. Director and producer Dan Hodgson collaborated with band members to develop a series of short scenes, with the underlying concept drawing inspiration from 2010 science fiction film ‘Inception’ - intending to pull viewers into a state of lucid dreaming.

Guitarist, Jimmy Young further describes the motivation behind the clip:

“Rather than stick to a conventional and cohesive narrative, we wanted the clip to be completely incongruous; jumping from scene-to-scene erratically to accentuate the dream-like experience for viewers. It’s a collection of intriguing standalone shots, which loosely connect in a more underlying and haunting type feel.”

Bootleg Rascal are currently working on their second album with longtime collaborator, Ian Pritchett. The upcoming record emphasises their melodic knack and explores a recent Rascal obsession for 80's synth sounds and crunchy, old school drum machines. With splashes of Kid Cudi and Massive Attack, their new record is set to be an extension of everything we’ve come to love about the band, while delivering a new depth of maturity and some of their best song writing to date.

‘With You’ music video is available to view via YouTube now

“‘With You’ is a cross-genre slice of spaced-out soul and groove, with live instruments poking through a haze of lingering vocals and a cracking hook to boot.” Life Without Andy (AUS)

“Take some glowing old school vibes from the 70s and blend them with a snappy modern sensibility… that’s what you get with Bootleg Rascal.” Ear to The Ground Music (USA)


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