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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Contemporary Folk Artist Thaylia releases new Alukura Single "Need 4 Greed"


In 2015 Australia's renowned Aboriginal record label, CAAMA MUSIC, ran a nationwide competition to uncover a new crop of Aboriginal female talent. 
Eight winners from around Australia were flown to Alice Springs to record in CAAMA MUSIC's state of the art studio, which has launched many of Australia's most enduring Aboriginal acts.

The latest single from the compilation album is from emerging contemporary folk artist ThayliaOriginating from the red dusty plains of remote outback Australia, contemporary folk singer songwriter Thaylia was born in Darwin and then raised in a small outback town of Kununurra  in the far north Kimberleys of Western Australia

The single Need 4 Greed is a fusion of traditional Aboriginal music, electronic and folk and explores the world of corporatism and consumerism. The song was produced by Thaylia and the Stiff Gins and features a masterful and epic choir piece of the beautifully harmonised voices of the Stiff Gins and Alukura women from the album. Accompanying the single is a music video that was shot in the busy streets of Martin Place in Sydney  and the beautiful landscapes of the new Barangaroo Reserve.

Stream the new single >>>LISTEN ON SOUNDCLOUD - CLICK HERE

Thaylia's revamped website

Available for download on iTunes HERE

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