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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Tully...Sea of Joy.. original soundtrack 1972

Tully formed in Sydney in late 1968, and, along with Tamam Shud (with whom they often performed), they were the doyens of the Sydney underground/progressive scene in the late 60's and early '70s. Their lyrical and expansive music and their interest in mysticism and esoteric philosophy was at some remove from the earthy blues/boogie ethos of contemporaries like The Aztecs, but they built up a strong following on the Sydney underground scene and the Melbourne concert circuit. Tully's members were all highly accomplished multi-instrumentalists, with years of experience behind them, and this musical breadth quickly earned them a reputation as one of the most adventurous and polished concert bands of the period.

Tully :
Colin Campbell - guitar
Michael Carlos - keyboards
Richard Lockwood - flute, sax, clarinet, piano
Ken Firth - bass
Shayna (Karlin) Stewart - vocals

Tully released 3 albums in the 1970's:
  • Tully (July 1970)
  • Sea Of Joy (June 1971)
  • Loving is Hard (1972) 
An augmented version of Tully (billed as "Tully +4") provided instrumental backing for the "HAIR - Original Australian Cast Recording" in 1970. Tully vocalist Terry Wilson was a member of the original cast in 1969-70 and performs "Aquarius" on the soundtrack LP. 

Sea of Joy is the soundtrack to an Australian surfing documentary movie released in 1971.

01.Sea Of Joy (Part 1) 4:27
02.Pseudo-Tragic-Dramatic 1:12
03.Follow Me 3:50
04.Cat-Clarinet Mit Orgel 4:01
05.Trinidad 3:13
06.I Feel The Sun 5:40
07.Thank You 3:22
08.Syndrone 6:46
09.Softly, Softly 4:31
10.Brother Sun 3:16
11.Down To The Sea 3:38
12.Sea Of Joy (Part 2) 2:30

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