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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Tony Worsley and The Fabulous Blue Jays..Ready, Steady, Let's Go

Tony was born Anthony Asheen Worsley in England in 1944 and emigrated with his family from his hometown of Hastings to the sunnier climes of Brisbane when he was 15. Tony had already set his sights on a show biz career. As a lad he won several amateur talent quests in England including one judged by Lonnie Donegan and Tommy Steele, which carried first prize of a Decca recording contract.

The Blue Jays were already well established in Melbourne and one of the city's leading dance groups. They had formed in 1959. They cut a series of swingin' instrumental singles and EPs for the Crest label, and a delightfully titled LP, "The Arthur Murray Twist Party Featuring The Blue Jays Big Dance Beat".

The Blue Jays teamed with Tony Worsley at the start of 1964, and with their name enhanced by the suitably glamorous prefix Fabulous the group immediately set about creating a dynamic stage show, centred on Tony's gritty tenor voice, good looks and dynamic showmanship. Tony's 'take-no-prisoners' attitude was backed up by one of the tightest and most competent bands in the country and the Blue Jays trademark 'fat' sound blended sax and guitar in a potent lead instrumental assault, giving them a powerful attack and they soon earned a reputation for upstaging the main acts.

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