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Friday, October 11, 2019

Morning of the Earth...1972 original film by Taman Shud, Brian Cadd, G.Wayne Thomas

Morning of the Earth is arguably the first surf movie that went beyond waves and into something of a (wordless) meditation on life based on surfing. The film is a product of it's time (very early '70's - first years of shortboard transition) and is full of back-to-the-country hippy vibes as well as some beautifully filmed surfing on Australian, Hawaian and Bali waves. The soundtrack is therefore a mixed bag of Australasian country folk (G.Wayne Thomas, Brian Cadd) and psychedelic prog-rock (Taman Shud). Like the film the soundtrack is a bit of a time machine back to a by-gone era. It is for the nostalgic or those wanting a good compilation of early 70's Australasian psych-folk stuff. The film is still one of the all-time classic surf movies too so check it out. (Amazon review)

Very few soundtrack recordings give themselves to anything more than a passing link to the film as a movie soundtrack should. Morning Of The Earth defies that definition! it cleverly assembles (in that era) Australia's finest musicians and makes a group statement through the music of a land that existed once where you could grab a change of shorts a board and a couple of cassettes in the panel van and head on up the coast! (discogs review)

–G. Wayne Thomas Morning Of The Earth 5:09
–Terry Hannigan I'll Be Alright 4:05
–Taman Shud First Things First 4:09
–Brian Cadd Sure Feels Good 3:44
–G. Wayne Thomas Open Up Your Heart 3:41
–John J. Francis Simple Ben 7:41
–Taman Shud Bali Waters 6:13
–Brian Cadd Making It On Your Own 6:00
–G. Wayne Thomas Day Comes 2:55
–Taman Shud Sea The Swells 6:13
–Peter Howe I'm Alive 3:41
–Brian Cadd Come With Me 4:56

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