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Monday, September 30, 2019

Sydney-based DIY indie-rock artist Timi Temple Unveils Striking Accompanying Video For 'Tomorrow Is Yesterday'

Following on from releasing his critically praised new single ‘Tomorrow Is Yesterday’, Sydney-based DIY indie-rock artist Timi Temple has just revealed the sombre accompanying music video – shot and directed by the artist himself.

Adding to his growing repertoire of DIY video clips, ‘Tomorrow Is Yesterday’ encapsulates the lyrical content of the track, portraying the mundane and often taxing everyday realities, through Groundhog Day-inspired visual storytelling. Created on a budget of just forty dollars, the black-and-white clip was shot throughout parts of the Northern Suburbs of Sydney, using a combination of clever production techniques including drenching his own Go-Pro in coffee and underwater takes shot under a jetty.

Timi describes the creative process behind the clip:

The concept was originally triggered from my lyric “I’ve got friends on the carriage, but I don’t know their names”. I thought about everyday repeating your steps and you get better and better at doing the same robotic thing. This then led to a Groundhog Day style epiphany where I realised I’m only getting better at doing a thing I don’t want to be doing. Obviously that spurred all these bad memories of things that have happened on my daily commute, like getting sneezed on, getting bird poo on you and coffee spilled on you. I was reminded of a time when someone sneezed on me on a train, instead of berating them and avoiding trains forever, I just brought tissues in my pocket from then on to prepare for someone else. This video is like a dream, going and exacting my revenge on all these people, ha ha!"


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