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Monday, May 21, 2018

The Glorious release first single "Last Game of the Season" from upcoming new album

Ahead of their new album release 'Kings' on June 1st — Australia’s The Glorious announce the release of the first single from it. 

They return exploring first love, farewells and lost innocence on the lush and melancholic "Last Game of the Season.” The single was co-produced by founder Dave Mather and long-time collaborator  Julian Mendelsohn (Paul McCartney, Kate Bush). The current lineup consists of founders  Mather (vocals, guitar, keyboards), Dan Gard’ner (drums, vocals, percussion) and Joel Loukes (bass).  According to lead singer Dave Mather, "Last Game of the Season” is partly inspired by the high school drama Friday Night Lights, where the concerns that dominate teenagers' lives are very real and deeply experienced: 

“The final game of any sports  season is symbolic of the seismic changes we experience at a young age. The song is about letting go of one chapter of your life and moving on to the next, and the mixed emotions that come with this. There is excitement and anticipation, but also a certain sadness and loss of innocence. There is a knowledge that this phase is coming to a close, and that something new is around the corner.”

"The vocals are exquisite, the melodies are marvelous...and it sounds sensational". - Jeff Jenkins, 'Howzat!' (The Music)

You can stream it on spotify HERE 

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Saturday, May 12, 2018

Skyhooks LIve! Be In It ...70's live set from legendary rockers

Skyhooks formed in Melbourne in March 1973 by mainstays Greg Macainsh on bass guitar and backing vocals, and Imants "Freddie" Strauks on drums. They were soon joined by Bob "Bongo" Starkie on guitar and backing vocals, and Red Symons on guitar, vocals and keyboards; Graeme "Shirley" Strachan became lead vocalist in March 1974. Described as a glam rock band, because of flamboyant costumes and make-up, Skyhooks addressed teenage issues including buying drugs "Carlton (Lygon Street Limbo)", suburban sex "Balwyn Calling", the gay scene "Toorak Cowboy" and loss of girlfriends "Somewhere in Sydney" by name-checking Australian locales. According to music historian, Ian McFarlane "[Skyhooks] made an enormous impact on Australian social life".

Skyhooks had #1 albums on the Australian Kent Music Report with their 1974 debut, Living in the 70's (for 16 weeks), and its 1975 follow-up, Ego Is Not a Dirty Word (11 weeks). Their #1 singles were "Horror Movie" (January 1975) and "Jukebox in Siberia" (November 1990).

Live! Be in It was their first live album and was released by Mushroom Records on cassette and vinyl in 1978 in Australia and on CD in 1991. The live recordings are taken from various concerts around Melbourne from December 1975 to July 1978.

Track listing
"Mercedes Ladies" – 3:41
"Balwyn Calling" – 4:52
"Smartarse Songwriters" – 5:20
"Sitting in a Bar In Adelaide" – 4:59
"All My Friends Are Getting Married" – 4:43
"The Bruce Suite" – 10:08
"Kaboodleschnitzer Kommercials" – 2:15
"Wild in the Streets" – 6:26
"Do the Hook" – 2:36
"Why Dont'cha All Get Fucked" – 3:56
"Brown Sugar" – 6:22
"Bondage on the Boulevard" – 3:51
"Party to End All Parties" – 3:27
"Sex Is Not a Dirty Word" – 4:38
"Women in Uniform" – 5:00
"The Bruce Suite" is made up of "Big Bad Bruce", "Straight in a Gay Gay World" and "I'm Normal"

Greg Macainsh – bass, vocals, production
Freddy Kaboodleschnitzer – drums, vocals
Bob Spencer – guitar, vocals (tracks 1–5, 7–15)
Bongo Starr – guitar, vocals (track 6)
Red Symons – guitar, vocals (track 6)
Merry Took – percussion (track 6)
Danny Robinson – vocals (track 6)

Shirley Strachan – vocals

Read more about Skyhooks on Wikipedia HERE

Monday, May 7, 2018

Sydney-based emerging rock band Grill release debut single "Heart of the City"

Grill are an emerging Rock band whose performance bravado and improvised grooves have gained a committed following. They recently released their debut single ‘Heart of the City’ at The Factory Theatre. The lyrics describe the bitter sweet harmony between living in the city and the peaceful serenity of their homes (Blue Mountains and Northern beaches).

The song begins with a homage to modern jazz fusion, contrasting the bright and lively guitar melody with lush chordal accompaniment. The verse speaks of mixed experiences within the chaotic metropolitan whilst the chorus illustrates the crimson autumn leaves and the saline breeze of the harbour, a reminiscence of home. The solos conclude the comparison and their awareness of the coherent nature of the city. 


Not just a band that rocks, but a band that makes you think”, Willem, host of Retro Rehash (Blue Mountains Radio).

Grill consists of Jarrah Dhyan and Andres Rodriguez on Rhythm and lead guitar, intuitively they communicate through their instruments to Kalon Captain, whose fusion grooves blend well with Robert Mouat’s souring vocals and bass guitar, to complete the ensemble.

‘Heart of the City’, Recorded at Q-Studios (AIM) will encapsulate audiences with its musical diversity and progression. ‘The Eternal Presence’ - Grills’ debut album is set for release in May, 2018.

Monday, April 30, 2018

Approachable Members of Your Local Community unveil video For 'Semiotic Vision' .. indie-pop fun

After releasing their critically praised new single ‘Semiotic Vision’, Melbourne indie-pop collective Approachable Members of Your Local Community have just revealed the accompanying music video.

Shot and directed by Giulia McGauran on Carlisle Street in Melbourne inner-suburb Balaclava, the clip sees the septet candidly strolling around their local community, setting out to help out fellow citizens with day-to-day tasks. Throughout the video, the band members sporadically break into synchronised dance routines; choreographed by friends and the band members themselves.

Frontman Joshua Blashki describes the motivation behind the clip:

"We felt as though it was important to follow through with our namesake and scour the local community! See who's out there, see what's buzzing, see who we can help. It seems as though we are great cardboard garbage men".


Thursday, April 19, 2018

Sydney-based Indie-Funk outfit Papaya Tree reveal new single 'Radar'

After releasing their standout debut track ‘Bamboo Schooner’, Sydney-based indie sextet Papaya Tree have just unveiled the stunning follow up new single ‘Radar’.

Recorded and produced by Phan Sjarif (Middle Kids, The Jezabels) at Parliament Studios, Annandale, ‘Radar’ is an eclectic and sophisticated slice of up-beat funk-infused indie-rock, that melds intriguing pop-sensibilities with elements of jazz, reggae and soul.

To celebrate the release of ‘Radar’ the group will launch the track live at the iconic Lansdowne Hotel on Sunday April 29 with support from the likes of local crowd favourites Thunder Fox, Moody Beach and Poolroom.

Debut single ‘Bamboo Schooner’ released late-2017 was supported by triple j with play on their Roots n’ All program, community radio and local tastemaker blogs. 

Since their 2016 inception, Papaya Tree have become a regular fixture amongst Sydney’s live music scene and also performed at boutique festival Psyfari.   

In the coming weeks Papaya Tree will reveal an accompanying music video for ‘Radar’. 


Saturday, April 14, 2018

Buffalo...legendary Aussie heavy rockers from the 70's...3rd, 4th and 5th albums

The origins of BUFFALO began in Brisbane, Queensland in 1966 when mates, Dave Tice (vocals) & Pete Wells (bass) played in a band called THE ODD COLOURS.  When this band dissolved, Dave & Pete had a brief stint in STRANGE BREW (66/67) and then formed THE CAPITOL SHOW BAND later in ’67 which became highly successful in the local market. 

The band's major recording break came in March 1972 with BUFFALO signing to the prestigious UK label, Vertigo.  This was very significant at the time because BUFFALO were the first band to sign with the label outside of the UK.  Their ’stablemates’ included BLACK SABBATH and URIAH HEEP. The band immediately went into the United Sounds studios to record their first album with producer, Spencer Lee. The album, "Dead Forever", was released in 1972. See original blog post HERE.

Their second album, "Volcanic Rock", was released in 1973. See original blog post HERE.

The third album , "Only Want You For Your Body", was released in 1974

Fourth album, "Mother's Choice", in 1976....

...and fifth album, "Average Rock and Roller", in 1977

Friday, April 6, 2018

Yes Yes Whatever reveal new single 'Mushrooms'...breakneck speed rocker!

Melbourne garage rockers Yes Yes Whatever are set to release new single ‘Mushrooms’, the unruly new follow-up to debut single ‘Lacklustre’.

‘Mushrooms’ is a boisterous race from start to finish, a bruising punk-infused riff and contagious chorus set off by punchy, undeniably danceable percussion. The band’s knack for the anecdotal is in full force, shining through in their trademark tongue-in-cheek, self-aware lyrics.

Front man Oscar Galt describes the essence of the track:

"Mushrooms is a cautionary tale exploring the ramifications of experimentation with psychedelics when young and impressionable. It's essentially about losing your mind while your more relaxed friends remain unaffected, and how that changes you."

"A rocker that just chugs along at breakneck speed and by the time you recover the only thing left to do is hit that replay buttonWe All Want Someone to Shout For (USA)

The band spent late 2017 carving out their niche in the Melbourne music scene, winning attention for their irreverent perspective and brazen sound. Off the back of single ‘Lacklustre’, they cut their live teeth supporting the likes of RAT!Hammock, Househats and BATZ, making appearances at venues such as The Old Bar, Melbourne and The Workers Club, Geelong.


Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Sydney electronic producer Mickey Kojak goes electronic eclectic on his new Surrender EP

Sydney electronic producer Mickey Kojak returns with a six track genre-bending record Surrender, featuring a bunch of tasty new tracks including his latest single Watch Me Drown.

Listen to the EP HERE

The Surrender EP opens with the ominous I'm Not The Right One (INTRO, for those watching closely), a track that welcomes us into his most lyrical release to date, with a gradually building synth arp swelling into the opening notes of his new single. Watch Me Drown see's Mickey bring the tempo and mood into previously unexplored territory. While the track powers along with synths and drums more reminiscent of his earlier house records, the vocal brings these two worlds together, depicting a desperate scene of internal struggles and a constant uphill battle, reaching it's climax in the final chorus in a huge wave of emotion and sound.

Alongside the powerful singles that Mickey has released, the EP is filled with hugely experimental pieces that tie his sophomore record together. Both All That's Left To Care and the EP's title track Surrender show us the full extent of what Mickey is capable of as an extremely talented multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and producer.

All in all, Mickey's Surrender EP traverses a great deal of ground in just over 20 minutes of music. While his sound has matured in leaps and bounds since his first record came out in 2016, the spirit behind all of Mickey's work remains the same and he intends to keep making his music even bolder, bigger and most importantly, weirder leading in to 2018. 

Socials: Facebook I Twitter I Soundcloud

Monday, April 2, 2018

Melbourne electronic chill trio, Fake Sibling, release their second single ‘Despondent’

Electronic chill trio, Fake Sibling, recently release their second single ‘Despondent’. The song is about the slow degradation of a relationship and the struggle to find a connection with your partner. 

Even though the lyrics came from a place of vulnerability, Sophie Officer’s captivating vocals, the dreamy guitar riffs and blissful transitions draw you in and leave you feeling soothed and peaceful.

Sophie reflects: “My favourite line is 'writing letters to you in my head' because that’s how you can express yourself when you’re hurt. But when you say it out loud, you realise how self-centred and ridiculous those thoughts and words are. Writing this song was an emotional release for me and helped me gain perspective.”

Melbourne-based Fake Sibling comprises Sophie Officer, Adam Beath and Dave Gillan. Fake Sibling’s first single, "Bring Me Here", reached number 1 on the triple j Unearthed charts in February 2017, and received glowing reviews and play on community radio stations across Australia. The trio plans to release their eagerly-awaited debut EP in early 2018. 

About Fake Sibling
Fake Sibling’s music can be described as ‘dream pop’ or ‘electronic chill’, with influences from the likes of Pink Floyd and Fleetwood Mac through to Bonobo and Portishead.

Effortlessly shot through with glimmers of guitar melodies, the bright light of Sophie Officer’s celestial vocals dance among precise production to earn Fake Sibling comparisons to The xx, Bonobo and London Grammar.

official website:

Bar Open (upstairs)
Supported by 'Benigar' & 'Connor Black-Harry
‘Fake Sibling’ will be taking to the stage again at Bar Open on Thursday, 5th April. Bringing their hypnotic and enveloping electronic sounds to life with a full band. They’ve been hard at work honing their sound and with a couple of new amazing tracks to showcase they are definitely going to impress. Joining them on the night will be the haunting and bluesy ‘Benigar’ and the incredibly talented guitarist and vocalist ‘Connor Black-Harry’.
Thursday 5th April - $5 at the door - Music starts at 9pm
317 Brunswick St Fitzroy, Vic 3065.

The Evelyn - Birthday Bash
Supported by 'Less Fox More Whale' & 'Atticus Street'
Arvo Session - Sunday, 29th April.
351 Brunswick St, Fitzroy VIC 3065.

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Silver Roads..Australian Country-Rock and Singer-Songwriters of the 70's

47 track compilation of country-rock and singer-songwriters from the 70's including The Dingoes, Country Radio, Axiom, Russell Morris, Richard Clapton, Stars, Anne Kirkpatrick, Flying Circus, Daddy Cool, Johnny Chester, Fraternity, Doug Ashdown.


Monday, March 19, 2018

Melbourne-based indie-punk group Househats drop new party jam 'Stop'

Following on from their critically praised debut cut 'All Together', Melbourne-based indie-punk group, Househats, have just unveiled their new single 'Stop' - recorded and mixed by the same All Together team of Dan Caswell (Horace Bones, DIET.) and Michael Badger (King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard, IV League).

Taking cues from the trio's staple influences Eddy Current Suppression Ring, Omni and Parquet Courts, 'Stop' combines elements of garage-rock and post-punk, while also blending well-crafted pop sensibilities, that are sure to inspire many rowdy house party sing-a-longs.

Drummer Joshua De Laurentiis describes the motivation behind the track:

"Life can often just get away from you, and Stop is about really dialling back the hectic speed in this age of post-millennial malaise and trying to get yourself back on track"

Debut single 'All Together' was strongly supported across all of the triple j platforms (with high rotation on triple j unearthed and multiple spins on some of triple j's biggest programs Goodnights, 2017 with Richard Kingsmill, Home & Hosed) along with love from worldwide radio and tastemaker blogs.

They've shared stages with The Gooch Palms and Mike Noga (The Drones), and to coincide with this release, Househats will perform at Sydney Road Street Party, Cruisin' For A Boozin' and By The Meadow.


Sunday, February 25, 2018

Feeding the Future...Australian contemporary music sampler from early 90's

This compilation sampler was released in 1994 in conjunction with Australian music day for that year. An 18 track eclectic mix of contemporary artists of that time including Culture Shock, Defryme, Chocolate Starfish, Skunkhour, Stephen Cummings, The Sharp, Tiddas and Marcia Hines.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Melbourne electro/pop four-piece 'The Engagement' release new single 'Home' feat. Hayley Beatson

With their 2 previous singles Let Go and Unbroken receiving over 300,000 streams between them, Melbourne’s own electro/pop four-piece are ready to kick off 2018 with another powerful single in Home, an emotional song about love and the battles that we fight for it. After having their collaboration with Ru.CL “a production that just has to be heard” (EDMJoy), this time The Engagement have chosen to collaborate with singer Hayley Beatson.

The band are bringing their energetic live performance to audiences in 2018, with a residency at Melbourne’s Grace Darling Hotel currently underway and a national tour in the works to follow. The four-piece project are showing no signs of slowing down. 

Marty's review: The Engagement score 5/5 from me for this excellent, polished follow-up to their previous singles. With lyrics that are emotional and heartfelt and the added bonus of singer Hayley Beatson, this release will only push these guys even further. Their talent needs to be noticed and certainly will be from now on.

The Engagement

Friday, February 2, 2018

Born Lion reveal taster track 'Drag' and release date for album 'Celebrate The Lie'

Sydney-based quartet, Born Lion have just unveiled tour dates and a video for ‘Drag’. It's the second track lifted from their forthcoming sophomore studio album ‘Celebrate the Lie’ (due February 16) – produced by Jimmy Balderstone (Luca Brasi, High Tension, Grenadiers) and mixed by Ryan Hazell (The Drones, Green Buzzard).

Carried by its thunderous, dynamic rhythmic section, volcanic riffage and infectious group sing-a-longs, new cut ‘Drag’ delivers on another exciting take of abrasive and unpredictable melodic punk-rock that the band has become widely known for.

Shot in the suburbs of Sydney’s Inner-west by Paste Studios, the accompanying video keeps in line with the theme of the track, by highlighting an absurd situation, where someone is forced to pretend that everything is normal.

The candid narrative sees the protagonist (played by front man John Bowker) attend a blind band audition. It turns out, the members are chickens… mean chickens. During smoko, the lead character pulls out a chicken burger – it doesn’t go well for him after that. 

The album’s first single, ‘Evil K’ was widely embraced by the likes of Spotify, Rolling Stone Australia, Music Feeds, The Music, Hysteria Magazine, radio stations FBi, 4ZZZ, 3RRR and triple j - who added the track to spot rotation.

Following on from their ‘Evil K’ headline tour, Born Lion have further traversed the countryside, sharing stages alongside Ecca Vandal, Shihad and Guttermouth. The four-piece will continue their rampage across the continent, this time teaming up with Melbourne crowd favourites ‘Captives’, with shows in Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane and Sydney.

With Captives


Friday, January 26, 2018

Boogie!...Australian Blues, R'n'B and Heavy Rock from the 70's

As the title suggests, Boogie! is a celebration of the Blues-based Rock sounds that dominated Australian music in the early 70's and onward. It is the first compilation to comprehensively cover this music, which was THE sound of young Australia in the 70's. The 44-track collection features original cover art by Ian McCausland, who designed iconic cover and poster art for the likes of Daddy Cool, Chain and the Rolling Stones back in the day, as well in-depth liner notes by Jen Jewel Brown who, as Jenny Brown and Jenny Hunter-Brown, was one of the most incisive Australian rock critics of the day. It was compiled by David Laing, who anthologized Australian garage rock of the punk-era and beyond with the acclaimed 'Do the Pop!' compilation some years ago.

The track list is very impressive....

Disc: 1
  1. Chain - Black and Blue
  2. Blackfeather - Boppin' the Blues
  3. Billy Thorpe & the Aztecs - C.C. Rider
  4. Band of Light - the Destiny Song
  5. Spectrum - I'll Be Gone
  6. La de Das - Gonna See My Baby Tonight
  7. Stevie Wright - Guitar Band
  8. Rose Tattoo - Bad Boy for Love
  9. Buster Brown - Something to Say
  10. Coloured Balls - Flash
  11. Kahvas Jute - She's So Hard to Shake
  12. Masters Apprentices - I'm Your Satisfier
  13. Buffalo - Sunrise (Come My Way)
  14. Madder Lake - 12LB Toothbrush
  15. Wendy Saddington and the Copperwine - Backlash Blues
  16. Friends - Bird on a Wire
  17. Indelible Murtceps - Esmeralda
  18. Captain Matchbox Whoopee Band - Your Feets Too Big
  19. Ren E Geyer - Dust My Blues
  20. Cold Chisel - Home and Broken Hearted
  21. Ariel - Worm-Turning Blues
  22. Daddy Cool - Daddy Rocks Off

Disc: 2
  1. Matt Taylor - I Remember When I Was Young
  2. La de Das - Too Pooped to Pop
  3. Cold Chisel - Goodbye (Astrid, Goodbye)
  4. The Dingoes - Come on Down
  5. Madder Lake - Booze Blues
  6. Sid Rumpo - Breaking My Back
  7. Thump'n Pig & Puff'n Billy - Captain Straightman
  8. Kevin Borich Express - I'm Going Somewhere
  9. Buffalo - Lucky
  10. Ted Mulry Gang - Darktown Strutters Ball
  11. The Angels - Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again
  12. Lobby Loyde & the Coloured Balls - Mama Loves to
  13. Billy Thorpe & the Aztecs - Most People I Know Think That I'
  14. The Ferrets - Janie May
  15. Skyhooks - Saturday Night
  16. Martin Armiger - I Love My Car
  17. The Sports - You Ain't Home Yet
  18. Jo Jo Zep & the Falcons - Ain't Got No Money
  19. Daddy Cool - Hi Honey Ho

Available from JB Hi-Fi and Amazon


Sunday, January 14, 2018

Groom Epoch, former members of The Church, Died Pretty and The Go-Betweens, release new single "Cosmic Artifice"

Groom Epoch, a luminous outfit created by former drummer of The Church, Richard Ploog, are set to release their new album, Solar Warden, through Golden Robot Records in April 2018, with Cosmic Artifice, the lead single from the eclectic group.

Stream Groom Epoch’s Cosmic Artifice here:

Remaining under the radar doing select shows around the place, Groom Epoch have done a full about face to expose themselves to a greater global audience.  Showcasing the diverse talents of singer, songwriter, drummer and producer, Richard Ploog, and backed by the awesome talents of some of Australia’s most iconic musicians, including former members of The Go-Betweens, Died Pretty and Lime Spiders (Amanda Brown on violin and auto-harp, Brett Myers on lead guitar, John Hoey on keyboards, Phil Hall on bass, and Ash Wanders on rhythm guitar), Groom Epoch is an all-star cast of musical iconoclasts combining their talents and creating a super stellar sound.

Facebook | Spotify

Friday, January 12, 2018

SWARÉ returns with his broody dance floor filler ‘REMEMBER’ ...electro beats and catchy choruses

We first heard from Swaré back in August with his eminently dance-able debut ‘I Want You to Move’ and now he’s back and ready to set dance floors across the country aflame with ‘Remember’. 

Listen via Soundcloud here: amsware/remember

The latest offering from the emerging Australian artist takes a different route from his debut release without losing any of the things we love about Swaré: slick vocals, big electro beats and oh so catchy choruses. 

Produced by ARIA-nominated Michael McGlynn (L-Fresh the Lion, Little May) and co-produced by Toby Chew Lee of MOZA, Swaré’s ‘Remember’ offers up a smooth, sexy dance pop sound sonicaly whilst exploring deeper lyrically. 

“’Remember’ definitely has more meaning for me personally”, Swaré explains. “It’s the first time I’m actually singing about stuff that happened to me that isn’t just about going out and dancing. I don’t think it’s a particularly dark track necessarily, there’s just more emotional stuff going on there. I still want people to dance to it.” 

No need for concern there! Wrap your ears around this one and let the music do all the work. Swaré has delivered the goods yet again.

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Brisbane-based beat maker Machine Age releases enigmatic new single 'Fighting'...experimental electronica

Following the release of his stand-out single Don't Look, Brisbane-based beat-maker Machine Age (Adrian Mauro) has returned with new cut 'Fighting’ – drawn from his forthcoming EP (due March 2018).

A completely self-recorded effort, with additional mixing from Slumberjack and mastering by Andrei Eremin (Chet Faker, Hiatus Kaiyote), 'Fighting' is a fusion of eclectic musical genres and influences. Intricately layered instrumentation builds throughout the song, colliding with synth-laden soundscapes and pattering drumbeats, resulting in his own brand of experimental electronica. Meanwhile, a sense of desperation is encapsulated beautifully by raw, simmering vocals.

Mauro describes the inspiration behind ‘Fighting’ –

“Fighting - When you find yourself paralyzed by your own decisions and wake up asking "How did I get here". The only way to gain clarity is to be kinder to yourself and not repeat the mistakes of the past”.

2017 has seen Machine Age develop a reputation for delivering impressive compositions and incredible live shows, garnering strong support from the likes of triple j, Rolling Stone Australia, Purple Sneakers, Tone Deaf, FBi, 3RRR and the Hype Machine blogging community. The songsmith also recently supported critically acclaimed duo Holy Holy on their 'Paint' tour, alongside writing and recording with the likes of Kuren and Slumberjack.


Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Aussie Gold...19 track various artists compilation from early 90's..songs of inspiration and achievement

This 19 track compilation was released in 1992 in aid of the Australian Paralympic Federation. It features the cream of Aussie talent including Hunters and Collectors, Angry Anderson, Diesel, Kylie Minogue, Icehouse, Boom Crash Opera, Jimmy Barnes, Kate Ceberano, INXS, Midnight Oil, John Farnham, Dragon, Yothu Yindi and a few more.

The tracks selected were themed in relation to inspiration, competitiveness and achieving one's dreams and goals. Tracks like Angry Anderson's "Bound for Glory" and Midnight Oil's "King of the Mountain" have become anthems in sport and for athletes in all fields.

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Rare Finds Announce East Coast Circuit For Emerging Artists featuring songstress Ayla and guest artists

Sydney-based boutique PR & artist management company, Rare Finds are proud to announce their new East Coast touring circuit launching in January 2018 – Presented by Oporto and Pilerats, and supported by Mountain Goat Beer and Arthur St. Studios.

The Rare Finds circuit will showcase curated line-ups of Australia’s most-promising emerging talent once a month across the East Coast. It’s the next progression for Rare Finds after the agency has been successfully running nights in Brisbane and Sydney over the past two years. 

Managing Director of Rare Finds, Rob Carroll describes the motivation behind the project:

“The Rare Finds nights serve to foster a scene within the Australian indie community and provide a strong live platform for outstanding emerging artists. One of the biggest challenges faced by artists, managers and agents at the early stages of an artist’s career, is developing a live following. With the launch of our Melbourne event, we’re now able to provide an East Coast touring platform to new acts, so they can play to ready-made crowds, which largely consist of industry, taste makers and the core local indie community”.

The first circuit run will be headlined by QLD Sunshine Coast-based artist, Ayla, who has just revealed new single ‘Porcelain Doll’ and news of her forthcoming sophomore EP ‘Let’s Talk Monday’ (due January 12) – produced by Sam Cromack (Ball Park Music). Ayla is currently performing for sold out crowds as national support for Kim Churchill's ‘Weight Falls’ album tour.

Stream Ayla's New Single 'Porcelain Doll'

Supporting the songstress in each city will be Royal & The Southern Echo, Asha Jefferies and DJ Tom Bloomfield in Brisbane, Otious, Magnets and British India DJ’s in Melbourne, and Aikonawena, The Longboys and Rare Finds DJ’s in Sydney.

Rare Finds has been operating since 2011, specialising in digital music servicing, management consultancy, publicity and label services for undiscovered Australian artists. Previous and current clients include Megan Washington, Dune Rats, The Griswolds, Dappled Cities, Bootleg Rascal, Deep Sea Arcade, Ocean Alley, Mookhi, The Lulu Raes, Cub Sport and WHARVES.

w/ Ayla, Royal & The Southern Echo, Asha Jefferies and DJ Tom Bloomfield
w/ Ayla, Otious, Magnets and British India DJ’s
Free Entry
w/ Ayla, Aikonawena, The Longboys and Rare Finds DJ’s