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Friday, October 11, 2019

Morning of the Earth...1972 original film by Taman Shud, Brian Cadd, G.Wayne Thomas

Morning of the Earth is arguably the first surf movie that went beyond waves and into something of a (wordless) meditation on life based on surfing. The film is a product of it's time (very early '70's - first years of shortboard transition) and is full of back-to-the-country hippy vibes as well as some beautifully filmed surfing on Australian, Hawaian and Bali waves. The soundtrack is therefore a mixed bag of Australasian country folk (G.Wayne Thomas, Brian Cadd) and psychedelic prog-rock (Taman Shud). Like the film the soundtrack is a bit of a time machine back to a by-gone era. It is for the nostalgic or those wanting a good compilation of early 70's Australasian psych-folk stuff. The film is still one of the all-time classic surf movies too so check it out. (Amazon review)

Very few soundtrack recordings give themselves to anything more than a passing link to the film as a movie soundtrack should. Morning Of The Earth defies that definition! it cleverly assembles (in that era) Australia's finest musicians and makes a group statement through the music of a land that existed once where you could grab a change of shorts a board and a couple of cassettes in the panel van and head on up the coast! (discogs review)

–G. Wayne Thomas Morning Of The Earth 5:09
–Terry Hannigan I'll Be Alright 4:05
–Taman Shud First Things First 4:09
–Brian Cadd Sure Feels Good 3:44
–G. Wayne Thomas Open Up Your Heart 3:41
–John J. Francis Simple Ben 7:41
–Taman Shud Bali Waters 6:13
–Brian Cadd Making It On Your Own 6:00
–G. Wayne Thomas Day Comes 2:55
–Taman Shud Sea The Swells 6:13
–Peter Howe I'm Alive 3:41
–Brian Cadd Come With Me 4:56

Monday, September 30, 2019

Sydney-based DIY indie-rock artist Timi Temple Unveils Striking Accompanying Video For 'Tomorrow Is Yesterday'

Following on from releasing his critically praised new single ‘Tomorrow Is Yesterday’, Sydney-based DIY indie-rock artist Timi Temple has just revealed the sombre accompanying music video – shot and directed by the artist himself.

Adding to his growing repertoire of DIY video clips, ‘Tomorrow Is Yesterday’ encapsulates the lyrical content of the track, portraying the mundane and often taxing everyday realities, through Groundhog Day-inspired visual storytelling. Created on a budget of just forty dollars, the black-and-white clip was shot throughout parts of the Northern Suburbs of Sydney, using a combination of clever production techniques including drenching his own Go-Pro in coffee and underwater takes shot under a jetty.

Timi describes the creative process behind the clip:

The concept was originally triggered from my lyric “I’ve got friends on the carriage, but I don’t know their names”. I thought about everyday repeating your steps and you get better and better at doing the same robotic thing. This then led to a Groundhog Day style epiphany where I realised I’m only getting better at doing a thing I don’t want to be doing. Obviously that spurred all these bad memories of things that have happened on my daily commute, like getting sneezed on, getting bird poo on you and coffee spilled on you. I was reminded of a time when someone sneezed on me on a train, instead of berating them and avoiding trains forever, I just brought tissues in my pocket from then on to prepare for someone else. This video is like a dream, going and exacting my revenge on all these people, ha ha!"


Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Pop-Electro artist Austen EP release "Passengers" and video for "Money"...vibrant and empowering

Austen recently uncovered the vibrant video for her empowering new anthem 'Money', alongside her genuinely anticipated debut EP 'Passenger Seat'. 

The video embodies what you see isn't what you always get, lulling viewers into a false reality. Working with director Jeff Anderson Jr, Austen explains the theme behind the clip saying "We wanted to poke fun at the “opulent” vibe, and the contrast between the way people portray themselves as cool versus the reality. It’s a combination of a dark, alluring fantasy and an underwhelming, funny reality which really sums up the whole song (and my whole personality)."

'Money' is another feather in this flourishing pop-electro artist's cap, leaving the listener feeling liberated rather than discouraged by her powerful pop prose. Dark and menacing synths rumble under Austen's infectious melody before erupting into her signature anthemic chorus full of self-empowerment and shout-ability. 

Consisting of five moody-electro tracks 'Passenger Seat' couples authenticity and self-love into undiluted, everyday anthems and features previously released tracks 'Too High To Cry', 'Anthem' and 'Money'.


Thursday, September 12, 2019

Folk-Roots singer-songwriter Michael Waugh new album release ‘The Weir’..insightful storytelling

Michael Waugh’s new album ‘The Weir’ reaches up from the dried, cracked heart of Gippsland’s irrigation reservoir - Lake Glenmaggie - asking what it means to grow up Australian. It is family ‘carguments’ on long holiday drives to see the big things of Australia, mozzie-bitten itches of first summer loves, Meldrum-fuelled familiarity of Aussie rock classics, and the lived-in love of dinner with your partner in front of Neighbours. But it is also about what lies underneath – our underbelly laid bare by the drought; the distances that drive us apart, the economic devastation of rural communities, the death-wish of boys in country towns, the spectres of colonisation, racism and homophobia.

The Weir’ is Michael Waugh’s third album. It follows ‘The Asphalt & The Oval’ (winner 2018 The Age Music Victoria Awards ‘Best Folk and Roots Album’) and 2016’s ‘What We Might Be’ (Golden Guitar Award nomination 2017) and is Michael’s third studio project with multiple ARIA and Golden Guitar winning producer Shane Nicholson.

Michael Waugh gives a profound new voice to the Australian experience. His insightful storytelling cuts to the heart of everyday life. It is honest, emotionally brave and compelling in its beauty. His insightful tributes to friends, family and parenthood are simultaneously deeply personal and nationally recognisable; audiences see their own brothers, parents, pubs, rivers, struggles and joys reflected in the faces of those characters who live large in Michael's songs.

You can catch Michael Waugh at one of his upcoming shows:

Saturday 14th September – The Palais (w/ Shane Nicholson) – Hepburn Springs, VIC
Saturday 21st September – Sandy Point Music Club (with Gretta Ziller) – Sandy Point, VIC
Friday 4th October – Oodies Café (w/ Scott Cook) – Bundaberg, QLD
Saturday 12th – Saturday 19th October – Cruisin Country 2019
Friday 1st – Sunday 3rd November – Maldon Folk Festival – Maldon, VIC
Saturday 16th November – Humph Hall (w/ Gretta Ziller) - Allambie Heights, NSW
Sunday 17th November – Illawarra Folk Club show (w/Gretta Ziller) – Kiama, NSW
Saturday 23rd November – Burke and Wills Winery – Heathcote, VIC
Saturday 30th November – By the Banks Festival – Albury, VIC
Wednesday 11th December – The Lomond Hotel - East Brunswick, VIC

The Weir - out now on Compass Bros Records through Universal Music Australia – buy here

Monday, September 9, 2019

Pop-punk quartet The Faim release new single ‘Humans’... powerful emotions

The Faim recently shared Humans, the first single from their forthcoming debut album State of Mind which will be released on Friday, September 13th via BMG. The track was produced with Patrick Morrisey (Weezer, Pharrell, Hayley Kiyoko) and David Dahlquist (Aurora, Fletcher) in New York and Los Angeles, and includes a great balance of unique pop-rock sounds, rounded out with lush live band elements and a massive, resonant chorus. 

Humans is about embracing the unique qualities that make up who we are, from our individual character and personality traits, to our strengths and weaknesses. These diverse characteristics, and how they evolve throughout our lives, show us what it means to be human and how connected we all actually are,” the band explains.

Stream and download ‘Humans’ HERE and pre-order 'State of Mind' HERE

The lyrics come from emotions or experiences personal to the musicians as a whole, with each song centering on an idea that’s relatable to both themselves and their listeners. Overall, State of Mind reveals a band on the rise, and a group of artists who are all about making genuine songs that bring people together and create a community.

We write from an honest place, and that’s something we always want to stay true to”, says frontman, Josh Raven. “It has to resonate with us for it be relatable to our fans. On this album it was about connecting with ourselves and exploring our influences and our own talent. If we stick to who we are and what we feel, hopefully everyone else will find something in the music too”, he elaborates.

Recently the band returned to Australia for the second time in 2019, building on the impressive ticket sales they achieved earlier in the year. The band continue to grow their base in Australia via their electric live show and powerful songs.


Thursday, August 29, 2019

Queensland singer/songwriter Robert Cini new single ‘Different Road’ from debut album "Imaginary Fun"

Award-winning Singer/Songwriter from Far North Queensland Robert Cini announces his new single ‘Different Road’ off the soon-to-be-released debut album "Imaginary Fun".

The sunny Jack Johnson like island vibes captivate a listener into a toe-tapping free-fall of melodic bliss. This is in part contrast to the weighty-personal inspiration behind the infectious tune, stemming from Robert’s struggles with feeling ‘Different’ to those around him due to his vision impairment, something he’s had since birth. The lyrical content is however made fun, light and widely accessible.

Robert says “Different Road” is both a very personal and relatable song”.  “Anyone that feels a little different and out of place, or has life a bit tougher than normal, I think will relate to this song”.

Marty's review: this instantly infectious song from Robert Cini has an upbeat and positive vibe about it that will draw listeners in and create a spark in the brain. With an island/reggae feel to it, the production is crisp and bright and Robert's songwriting skills are fresh and focused. There is certainly something in that far-north Queensland air!

For more information go to;

Saturday, August 17, 2019

BEACH PANIC! new single "Dance 'Till Your Feet Bleed"..energetic and infectious

Melbourne’s BEACH PANIC! are loud, confident, full of charm and artistic flare, and they’re back with a brand-new grooving tune "Dance 'Till Your Feet Bleed", the latest track off their just announced debut EP ‘Ride The Tiger’ slated for release in late September.

Following on from their previous release "Tsunami of Love", "Dance 'Till Your Feet Bleed" is about the desperate yearning for the intoxicating feeling of falling in love - a feeling sometimes so overwhelming that the only remedy there is, is to well... it’s all right there in the title.

Bringing together their punk-rock roots, love of art, and downright desire to shake a leg, BEACH PANIC! mix good ol’ fashioned party times with slick jangly riffs, ruthless kicks, and lyrics that speak simply of love - from the highest joys to the darkest desperations.

They wear their hearts on their sleeves, their sweat on the D-floor, and leave you with a smile on your face, adrenaline in your veins, and love in your heart.

Marty's thoughts: energetic and infectious punk grooves, a thumping beat, some 60's style psychedelia and a sense of humour from these guys makes this a very entertaining and lovable tune that is sure to hook you in and have you jumping around with a big smile on your face.

Keep on grooving with BEACH PANIC!:

Sunday, August 11, 2019

Melbourne smooth wave indie duo Verbrasco release debut EP k-block...dream like and ethereal sounds

Recently debuting with their DIY EP titled k-block, Melbourne smooth wave indie duo Verbrasco, consisting of two 19 year old Uni students Ethan Bowman and Brody Verhagen, have set out to release a collection of easy listening, spaced out songs with memorable melodies and easy going lyrics. 

Marty's review: Verbrasco's debut EP is a 3-track collection of beautiful, dream like tunes that have a surrounding ethereal quality and a chill effect which is easily accessible and listenable. These guys are unique and original, and certainly have a handle on creating sounds that are conceptual and creative.

stream on Spotify and YouTube

Sunday, August 4, 2019

Something In the from the ABC TV series....various Australian artists

This 22 track compilation released in 2001 was the soundtrack to the popular ABC TV series and contains tracks from various Australian artists including Vika and Linda, Crowded House, Leonardo's Bride, Paul Kelly, Christine Anu, The Badloves, Archie Roach, Skyhooks, Hunters and Collectors, Big Pig, Josh Arnold, Jane Saunders, Goanna, Penny Flanagan and Nikka Costa, plus themes and music by Kane and Walmsley.

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Sydney-based R'n'B artist A.GIRL stunning debut single ‘2142’ - endearing and intricate

Western Sydney-based R'n'B artist A.GIRL recently unveiled her stunning debut single ‘2142’ - produced and mixed by Taka Perry (Ruel, M-Phazes).

Opening with its steadfast beat and arpeggiated guitars, the endearing and intricate cadences of A.GIRL float effortlessly above, as the track builds into its brooding chorus of warped bass-infused synths.

The track takes cues from the likes of Urban luminaries SZA, Jhené Aiko and Jorja Smith, and samples the actual recording of a young woman known to A.GIRL being arrested by police. It’s an all too common scene in the 2142 postcode area.

"The song is about the area I was exposed to and the things I saw first-hand. As much as it represents 2142, it’s an anthem for all people from all areas that have been through the same” says the vocalist.

A.GIRL is the moniker of 19-year-old Hinenui-Terangi Tairua. Although she calls Australia home, the connection to her family’s Maori homeland of Te Hapua in the north island of New Zealand runs deep.

When she’s not writing and recording music, A.GIRL volunteers for the OzHarvest Food Bank, where she helps deliver food to people in need across Western Sydney.


Saturday, July 13, 2019

Australian Rock 71-72 Vol.1 Collectors Album - Havoc label vinyl release

This is a vinyl rip from an album released on the Havoc label in the early 1970's. It features several Havoc label artists of the time such as Billy Thorpe and the Aztecs, Carson and The Wild Cherries featuring Lobby Loyde.

These are the original album liner notes:

Australian Rock has fought long and hard for recognition.  The medium that has been directly responsible for Rock culture is radio. Most Australian radio is modeled on American and than anything else has shaped the audience and the criticism of Australian Rock.

To compete in the play list war, an Australian musical group has to deliver an American or English sounding rock number. This retarding condition is now beginning to change. Australian Rock has a high energy potential - the same high energy potential that was found in early Little Richard, Presley, Berry and Domino rock. The same high energy potential as early English rock by the Animals, Stones, Kinks and some Beatle Rockers. Other high energy potential groups were Cream, Hendrix, Yardbirds and The Who.

American and English Rock differ in their high energy potential distribution and Australian Rock differs from both of these by its high energy rhythm sections with high density colour trips. Australian Rock is at last becoming noticed by the Australian media and the Australian audience. Given time, Australian Rock will be heard and appreciated everywhere . So - "Watch out World".
Lobby Loyde - September 72.

Track Listing:
01 - Dawn Song (Aztecs)
02 - Traveling South (Carson)
03 - Pattern Of My Life (Michael Turner In Session)
04 - Time To Live (Aztecs)
05 - Moonshine (Carson)
06 - Slowest Guitar On Earth (Lobby Loyde)
07 - Most People I Know (Aztecs)
08 - Liberate Rock (Lobby Loyde and the Coloured Balls)
09 - Cold Feet (Chook)
10 - Don't Worry (Carson)
11 - I Am The Sea (Wild Cherries)
12 - Just Around Midnight (Michael Turner In Session)
[Bonus Missing Tracks]
13 - Daily Planet (Wild Cherries)
14 - Regulation Puff (Aztecs)

Thursday, July 4, 2019

Electro-Pop artist Austen emotional new single release "Anthem" receives praise and raves

Hyped songstress Austen praised new single 'Anthem' has been added to spot rotation on triple j and an add on triple j unearthed alongside adoration from AAA Backstage, Cool Accidents, Kings of A&R, Purple Sneakers and STACK Mag.

Austen delves into the emotions behind the track, saying “Anthem is about how a relationship is mainly just finding someone who’s messed up parts fit well with your own.” 

Named in triple j unearthed’s Top 40 Most Played Artists last year after releasing only one song, 2018 was Austen’s biggest year yet. She was handpicked by unearthed to play their BIGSOUND showcase and finished up the year on the road with Paces as his main support. ‘Anthem’ is the follow up to audience favourite ‘Too High To Cry’ which landed in Dave Ruby-Howe’s Top Ten unearthed tracks of the year.

"We're gonna watch Austen with a keen eye this year" - Cool Accidents
"It feels like an artist really finding her feet and her own lane." - Pilerats
"Austen is the leading face of electronic pop in Australia." - AAA Backstage
"...I can guarantee that this one you'll be hitting play on again and again." - Purple Sneakers
"...the song plays out as titled - empowered and soaring..." - STACK Mag

Austen's introduction is no less auspicious, her debut single ‘Faded’ has accumulated almost 500,000 Spotify streams, with follow up ‘Darkside’ sitting on 140,000. Since then she’s been named an ‘Artist to Watch’ by Pilerats and supported the likes of The Kite String Tangle, Nicole Millar, KLP, Running Touch, Col3trane.

With more brooding, electro-pop gems on the horizon it's time to get acquainted with Austen. 


Thursday, June 20, 2019

Charismatic wordsmith Citizen Kay returns with infectious jam in ‘EGO’...a hot dose of soulful funky grooves

Charismatic wordsmith Citizen Kay returns with yet another infectious jam in ‘EGO’. Bursting with attitude and swirling synths, Citizen Kay’s voice rides smoothly over the layers of disco grooves. ‘EGO' is sure to become a regular party-starter with funk-filled bass-line, technicolor keys, rush of sax, strings and positivity in tow.

Speaking about the single, CK explains “‘EGO’ might seem like a song about me chasing a long lost love or something, but it's my love-hate relationship with money.

Migrating to Australia from Ghana at the age of six, Citizen Kay’s made it his mission to make music blending both cultures and includes shades of traditional hip-hop, soul, funk, jazz and rock. This ambition has propelled him to two ARIA nominations for albums ‘Demokracy’ (2014) and ‘We The People’ (2015), with all three previous albums taking out top ten spots in US College Hip-Hop Charts abroad, and an invite to appear on triple j’s prestigious Like A Version.

Where CK feels at home is on stage, spreading his word and uncontainable energy to audiences nationally. Extensive touring has seen the wordsmith take to the road with the likes of Earl Sweatshirt, Danny Brown, Run The Jewels, Wiz Khalifa, Public Enemy and Tkay Maizda and perform at Falls Festival and Groovin' The Moo.

Keep your ego in check with this introspective party track, it's easily Citizen Kay's best work yet.


Monday, June 3, 2019

Australian Celebration...various artists compilation album from the 90's

01 –Deborah Conway It's Only The Beginning
02 –Hunters & Collectors Holy Grail
03 –Paul Kelly & The Coloured Girls To Her Door
04 –Jimmy Barnes Stone Cold
05 –Archie Roach From Paradise
06 –Kate Ceberano Think About It
07 –Ian Moss Tucker's Daughter
08 –Peter Andre Gimme Little Sign
09 –Rockmelons That Word (L.O.V.E)
10 –Models Barbados
11 –Yothu Yindi Tribal Voice
12 –Frente! Ordinary Angels
13 –Kylie Minogue Celebration
14 –The Badloves Lost
15 –Toni Pearen I Want You
16 –Neil Murray Holy Road
17 –Nathan Cavaleri Josh's Boogie
18 –Roxus Where Are You Now ?
19 –Skyhooks Million Dollar Riff
20 –The Angels Love Waits

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Sydney-based artist Nathan Cavaleri new single '29 Gold Stars' and EP Release Date

Following on from releasing a pair of critically praised singles, Sydney-based artist Nathan Cavaleri has just revealed tour dates and latest cut ’29 Gold Stars’ – another gripping number lifted from his forthcoming debut EP ‘Demons’ (due May 31).

Channeling the strut grooves of Prince, understated vintage tones of J.J. Cale and hybrid hip-hop type arrangements, ’29 Gold Stars’ shines a light on Nathan’s ability to shape songs eclectically, while still retaining apt cohesiveness.

Nathan describes the motivation behind ’29 Gold Stars’:

My head was in the gutter when I wrote this track. Fascinated by the relationship between desire and shame. The change in topic was a nice break from the usual emotive pieces I write. As an artist, I need this balance”.

Previous singles ‘Demons’ and ‘Rising Sun’ were widely embraced by Spotify and the likes of Australian radio stations triple j, double j, ABC Local Radio, SYN FM, JOY FM, RTR FM, Radio Adelaide, 4ZZZ, 979FM, Bay FM, Edge FM, 2XX FM, The Pulse and various others. The tracks also received support from Australian tastemakers and blogs such as Pilerats, Music Feeds, The Music, The AU Review, Savage Thrills, AAA Backstage and Forte Mag. 


Dripping in an assured style and air of untouchability”. - 4/5 Stars
- Declan Byrne - triple j (AUS)

It's got the curveball touches of a fried Beck off-cut with this searing guitar circling overhead”. - 4/5 Stars
- Dave Ruby Howe - triple j (AUS)

"Cavaleri's vocals sizzle with a kind of self-assured swagger and sass that you don't see from many Aussie acts. We could have a future rockstar on our hands here".
- Music Feeds (AUS)

Premiered on triple j's Roots n All program