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Friday, April 6, 2018

Yes Yes Whatever reveal new single 'Mushrooms'...breakneck speed rocker!

Melbourne garage rockers Yes Yes Whatever are set to release new single ‘Mushrooms’, the unruly new follow-up to debut single ‘Lacklustre’.

‘Mushrooms’ is a boisterous race from start to finish, a bruising punk-infused riff and contagious chorus set off by punchy, undeniably danceable percussion. The band’s knack for the anecdotal is in full force, shining through in their trademark tongue-in-cheek, self-aware lyrics.

Front man Oscar Galt describes the essence of the track:

"Mushrooms is a cautionary tale exploring the ramifications of experimentation with psychedelics when young and impressionable. It's essentially about losing your mind while your more relaxed friends remain unaffected, and how that changes you."

"A rocker that just chugs along at breakneck speed and by the time you recover the only thing left to do is hit that replay buttonWe All Want Someone to Shout For (USA)

The band spent late 2017 carving out their niche in the Melbourne music scene, winning attention for their irreverent perspective and brazen sound. Off the back of single ‘Lacklustre’, they cut their live teeth supporting the likes of RAT!Hammock, Househats and BATZ, making appearances at venues such as The Old Bar, Melbourne and The Workers Club, Geelong.