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Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Sydney electronic producer Mickey Kojak goes electronic eclectic on his new Surrender EP

Sydney electronic producer Mickey Kojak returns with a six track genre-bending record Surrender, featuring a bunch of tasty new tracks including his latest single Watch Me Drown.

Listen to the EP HERE

The Surrender EP opens with the ominous I'm Not The Right One (INTRO, for those watching closely), a track that welcomes us into his most lyrical release to date, with a gradually building synth arp swelling into the opening notes of his new single. Watch Me Drown see's Mickey bring the tempo and mood into previously unexplored territory. While the track powers along with synths and drums more reminiscent of his earlier house records, the vocal brings these two worlds together, depicting a desperate scene of internal struggles and a constant uphill battle, reaching it's climax in the final chorus in a huge wave of emotion and sound.

Alongside the powerful singles that Mickey has released, the EP is filled with hugely experimental pieces that tie his sophomore record together. Both All That's Left To Care and the EP's title track Surrender show us the full extent of what Mickey is capable of as an extremely talented multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and producer.

All in all, Mickey's Surrender EP traverses a great deal of ground in just over 20 minutes of music. While his sound has matured in leaps and bounds since his first record came out in 2016, the spirit behind all of Mickey's work remains the same and he intends to keep making his music even bolder, bigger and most importantly, weirder leading in to 2018. 

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