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Saturday, September 3, 2016

Taste...Tickle Your Fancy and Knights of Love...Glam-Hard Rock from 1976/77

Taste were a glam/hard rock band that formed around 1975. The line-up consisted of Ken Murdoch ( Lead Vocals / Guitar), Joey Amenta (Guitar / Vocals), Michael Tortoni (Bass Guitar) and Virgil Donati (Drums). The boys paid their dues in pubs and "shitholes" until they got their lucky break and released their first album "Tickle Your Fancy" in 1976. They were an instant hit, especially with the younger music fans, and appeared regularly on Countdown and just about every other TV show of the time.

They supported international artists including Queen, on their second Australian tour, Suzi Quatro and The Sweet. They also performed alongside the who's who of Aussie rock including Sherbet, Kevin Borich, TMG, Skyhooks and Hush.

Their songwriting and musicianship were critically acclaimed, and their original 2 albums, "Tickle Your Fancy" and "Knights of Love" have become hard rock classics. Due to some bad management and not so good marketing, Taste never achieved the recognition they deserved, and split around 1977. They reformed in 2007 and released the album "Rock Dead".


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