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Friday, July 8, 2016

Kush...Presents Snow White and the Eight Straights...1974 album

Kush was formed in 1971 with Jeff Duff on Vocals, John Santos (aka Montesante) and Colin Chapman on trumpet, Ron Anderson on piano and saxophone, Stephen Ball on keyboards, Tom Cowburn on guitar, harmonica and backing vocals, John Ellis on clarinet, flute and saxophone, Rob Matthews on bass guitar, and Graham McDonald on drums. They released covers of "Peter Gunn", "MacArthur Park" and "Walk on the Wild Side" as well as originals such as "(Livin' on) Easy Street".

Their 1974 album release "Presents Snow White and the Eight Straights" is a fusion of jazz meets progressive rock and showcases Jeff Duff's cabaret style tenor vocals. It is one of those forgotten gems of the 1970's that still sounds good today. Kush were together from 1971 to 1975 and are notable for performing to 45000 people at the 1974 Sunbury Pop Festival. 

Geoff "Jeff" Stephen Duff, or Duffo, has used various personae, wardrobe, and satire as features of his performance. Duff's show 'Ziggy' is a portrayal of the music of David Bowie, whom he met while Bowie was a Sydney resident. Duff is a regular performer on Australian television and continues to headline some of Australia's leading Jazz festivals.

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