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Monday, June 27, 2016

Sydney duo The Tapes' debut single "AT ALL" recently released

Introducing: THE TAPES...
.....A collaboration between Sydney musicians Andrew Grant and Mickey Kojak. 

Having cut their teeth in the dance music scene, this new project is a departure from the glitchy, electronic sounds we are used to hearing from these two. 

The world of The Tapes comes to you through your top-down convertible’s FM radio. Cruising along a pristine coastline on a sun-drenched afternoon, Diet Pepsi in hand, they’re there to take you wherever it is you're going. Lo-fi guitars, retro synths and crunchy drums combined with their technological know-how and unique songwriting all come together as one glorious, wholly holy sound. 

Like a tailor-made suit, The Tapes just feel right. 

It is also incredibly exciting to announce their first single AT ALL. Which premiered on "La Belle Musique" recently, quickly clocking 20,000 plays. This first track is but a tasty morsel of the feast that is to come. The boys have a five-track debut EP burning a hole in their back pocket as well as an immense four-piece live show that will be unveiled at some of the year’s latter showcases. The Tapes are here to embrace the weird and wonderful in all kinds of new ways; get tuned in.

Listen to "AT ALL" on soundcloud here.

Download it for free via TripleJUnearthed here.



"A soothing and melodic track that blends two extremely skilled producers to create a blissful musical mid-point." -

"Well worth the hype." -

"Serene, spacey... we foresee some great material from the pair" -

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