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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

THAYLIA releases new single "Love" with music video

Thaylia Releases New Single 'Love' with music video!

It has been a busy year for Darwin born Aboriginal singer Thaylia. She has been celebrating the success of her Number 1 AMRAP Air It Now chart topping debut single 'Hope'! Following her release she performed at Homeground 2014 at Sydney Opera House, Launch @ Youth Week Festival in Darwin and supported Leah Flanagan for her 'Everything' single launch at her Darwin shows.

Now, she is ready to release her new single 'Love'. The song went live for download by community radio stations earlier this week via the Australian Music Radio Air Play (AMRAP). She also wrote and composed Love, and co-produced with Steve Peach (who has previously worked with notable names such as Stafford Brothers, Icehouse & Marcia Hines) at Stereo Missile Recordings, Sydney. The lyric “Music gives me life, my one and only Love' sums up the spirit and message of the song which is a celebration of the beautiful power of music in bringing love, healing, inspiration and life to people's lives. 

To listen and download click here

The video was produced and directed by Kenny Foo in the heart of Newtown and in the beautiful location of Botany Bay. The concept is based on two realities of Real-Thaylia and Heart-Thaylia. Real-Thaylia represents the damaged or hurt self that is created within us that causes emotional pain in our life, and Heart-Thaylia is her love-filled soul that represents the true nature of who we really are and the great potentiality within all of us to develop into expressive, loving, courageous beings that will ultimately bring us peace and happiness. The story revolves around rebirth, finding courage in the face of adversity, finding solace and salvation in music, self love and acceptance.

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Digital Release Date: Friday, 19 Sept 2014 and distributed via ITunes, Amazon, Spotify, JB Hi-Fi, Bandcamp and much more!