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Thursday, January 16, 2014

HOPE debut single from Thaylia Number 1 on the AMRAP Airit Now Charts

Thaylia's debut single entitled 'HOPE'  continues to go from strength to strength. After reaching number 2, Hope is now number 1 on the AMRAP Airit Now Charts making it the most ordered for airplay for this week in the top 10.

‘Your voice can be an anthem of courage inspiration, hope and honour to the world and people around you.’ Thaylia

Marty's review: Thaylia presents us with a most beautiful piece that will make you hit the repeat button more than once. A clean, uncluttered production that highlights Thaylia's warm vocal tones, musical abilities and lyrics that are heartfelt and sincere. Thaylia to me says sit up and listen because I have something to say. Her talents are plentiful and deserve all the recognition that comes her way. 

Thaylia brings to the stage a voice of courage, inspiration and hope. Beginning her musical journey at Abmusic college, a music college for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, she is now establishing her reputation as a strong solo artist with a powerful message and a soaring voice that will leave you captivated. 

"If I had to put my music into a category I would define my ‘genre’ as Contemporary Folk. Contemporary as it is relevant to my time, and folk because I see my songs as narrative music with a social conscience. As my skills on guitar and vocals have evolved so have my songs, and the difference is evident from the very first song I wrote up until my most recent. I see that my songs will continue to change as my skills further develop as well. For now it is just me and my acoustic guitar. The goal is release an album that is organic, uncluttered and a true representation of what I do on a stage."

Thaylia is looking forward to continued success with an interview on Noongar Radio with Michelle Wilson 2:30pm AEST (15 jan 14) which can be streamed online at  and a feature article in January's edition of the Deadly Vibe magazine. She will also be heading back into the studio at the end of January to record her second single called Love with one of Australia's top producers Steve Peach (Producer of Stafford Brothers, Marcia Hines, Icehouse).

You can also get to know Thaylia even better by listening to her interview with Kristy McMahon last Sunday from Brisbanes 4ZZZ Indigi-Briz program at : 

2013 Highlights - Backup vocals for Archie Roach - Into the Bloodstream Tour at Perth International Arts Festival & Melbourne Festival

read Thaylia's full biography on her Facebook page

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