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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Justin Hunter .. new single release "Clever Boy"..Depeche Mode meets The Presets

Justin Hunter is a passionate lover of life, absolute adventure maniac, ultra-marathon runner, electro music fan and instrumental pianist. Justin’s career began in the most humble of ways: in his hometown of Katoomba in the Blue Mountains, playing for tips on the piano in his local cafĂ©. Just three years later Justin has sold thousands of CDs and acquired himself a legion of passionate fans.

Justin’s piano music seems to touch even the most unlikely of (potential) fans. His music has fallen into the hands of artists such as Chris Martin, Pink, Erykah Badu, MIA and Bono.

His first CD release came after customers were insistent that they be able to take his music home with them. ‘Mountain to Masses’, his first album cost a grand sum of $180 to record, and was quick to sell out in Katoomba and the surrounding towns. This prompted Justin to embark on a 10,000km CD-selling journey over the next few years, traveling inland from Queensland, through New South Wales and Victoria, where once in Melbourne, Justin decided to reside among the plethora of creative spaces available to young artists.

 The past few years have seen Justin sell volumes of CDs, unprecedented in the current industry for most independent acts without a label, publicist or via traditional retail. His fan-base has evolved through personalised, direct selling during his travels and the strength of word-of-mouth that lovers of music naturally generate.

Justin Hunter's latest dance track is entitled ‘Clever Boy’, which he worked on with DJ Northie. Described as "Depeche Mode meets The Presets", Clever Boy has Justin stepping up to the microphone to perform the vocals himself. ‘Never underestimate others’ is the underlying message of the song, inspired by Justin’s friends & life experiences. The process of being a fool, admitting your faults, getting wiser, and taking control of life defines ‘Clever Boy’.

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Since the release of 'Bleed 4 You' with Silent Titan (Thundamentals), Justin is not slowing down. He is currently working with various DJ’s, whilst continuing to collaborate with DJ Kid Kenobi & singer/songwriter Abbe May.

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