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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Aussie Gems and Rarebits...various artists...52 tracks..B-Sides, Little Known Songs and Artists

There are 52 sensational tracks here from the 60s and early 70s. As the cover says: "Little known songs, hard to find B-sides and bands you may not have heard of". From Beat, Garage, Surf, Instrumental, Pop, Rock and everything in between. The download comes with all artwork too.

I've played it through a few times and just about every track is good if not great. Some artists you may know (or at least I do) are The Strangers, Python Lee Jackson, The Rondells, The Cherokees, Ian Turpie, Johnny Young, Marcie and The Cookies and Patsy Ann Noble. It will take you back to those TV shows of the 60s like Go! and Kommotion and have you groovin', stompin', rockin' and whatever other dance you care to remember!


  1. Mega will only load to 99%, then stops!
    Zippyshare is so much better!

    1. Rockinbee, it may be your browser...try refreshing it or clearing the cache...I have just tried it in Google Chrome and it worked ok...let me know if it doesn't work and I can then upload it to Zippyshare