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Tuesday, November 5, 2019

acoustic-folk artist Kim Churchill new EP release 'FORGETTING'..emotively-driven and solemn

Kim Churchill is proud to reveal his new EP; 'FORGETTING'. Produced by Colin Stewart (Yukon Blonde / Dan Mangan) and written and recorded entirely on Vancouver Island, 'FORGETTING' is the second in a four-part series, where each EP was written and recorded in a different country in collaboration with local artists and producers.

“Canada is a country of extremes”, says Kim. “The huge, dramatic cliffs on one side and a perfectly calm and tranquil lake on the other. The startling reds and oranges of the fall compared with the brilliant greens of summer, the blinding white of the snow in winter, Canada is a country that really showcases its natural beauty. I wanted to capture that feeling of being simultaneously awed and overwhelmed by the power of nature and the comfort and safety of being embraced by it”.

‘FORGETTING’ features six tracks of emotively-driven and solemn acoustic-folk, which at times largely shines a light on the beauty in cracks and flaws. It’s sonically rustic, mesmerising and carries a strong sense of bona fide endearment that Kim has become widely known for. A stunning cover of Coldplay’s ‘See You Soon’ is included on the record. 

A traveller as much as an artist, Kim has lived on the road for years, but it was no longer enough just to pass through; for Kim it was time to show that world in his songs. This is Kim showing the value of a new way of thinking, of writing … of living.

The exciting and unique project will also see Kim release an additional two EP’s over time, that were written and recorded in Australia and the UK respectively. This follows on from his critically acclaimed EP ‘I AM’ – the first record of the four-part series that was written and recorded in Berlin, Germany.


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