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Friday, August 31, 2018

Melbourne-based electronic soul and R'n"B artist Blasko unveils new mix-tape 'Blasko In Love Pt.1'

Melbourne-based electronic soul and R'n'B artist Blasko presents the ‘Blasko In Love Pt.1’ mix-tape via Majestic Casual Records.

In the lead up to the mix-tape release, Blasko dropped three much loved singles 'Another Love', 'Ms Love' and 'Know You Better', earning praise from the online community for his signature vocals and swagger, and suave production. His music has been described by Complex as "A summery, funk-tinged slice of soul and R&B", with the new mix-tape being no exception.

Highlights so far include airplay on BBC Radio 6, appearing on charts across the world, and prime positions on Spotify Viral Charts in France, Australia, Netherlands and Germany. As well as playing shows in Germany and France in June 2018 and in Australia and New Zealand in July alongside SG Lewis.

"This project started from a song on the mixtape, called "Future Love". I was chilling in the Lazy House studios playing on my cousins Mexican Fender that she had lent me and I started singing Future Love. I knew then, that not only did I have a mean tune but a whole story I could tell. I wanted to explore different areas of the word "Love". Opening my notepad I started writing song titles in which then I could dive straight into a specific concept based directly off the titles.

This mix-tape isn't about a specific person, but a collection of people who have influenced my perception of Love. Good or Bad. I had already written Future Love and Poetic Love at the time, but when I bumped into Tentendo at Montanasa Studios in Melbourne the rest of the project fell into place.  He knew exactly what each song needed and we just really clicked. Coming from a strict slow jams/R&B background but having an intense love for vocal trance melodies and grooves, I wanted the release to fuse these two things together and create the ambience and grooves of a trance song with the feelings and stories of classic 90's R&B tunes. Blasko In love Part 1 is just my beginning and there’s many more stories to tell xx" - Blasko


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