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Monday, June 18, 2018

Young Einstein..1988 original soundtrack with All-Aussie line-up...classic tracks

Young Einstein is a 1988 Australian comedy film written, produced, directed by and starring Yahoo Serious. It is a fantasized account of the life of Albert Einstein which alters all people, places and circumstances of his life, including relocating the theoretical physicist to Australia, having him splitting the atom with a chisel, inventing rock and roll and surfing.

The film was highly successful in Australia, winning an award from the Australian Film Institute Awards. The accompanying soundtrack was just as successful featuring the cream of Aussie talent of the time. Artists included were Mental As Anything, Paul Kelly and The Coloured Girls, The Saints, The Models, Icehouse, Big Pig and The Lime Spiders. It became a big hit along with the cult status of the movie. 

-Yahoo Serious Rock And Roll Music
–Mental As Anything Rock And Roll Music
–The Saints The Music Goes Round My Head
–Yahoo Serious & Lulu* Who Can You Trust? (Main Theme)
–Paul Kelly & The Coloured Girls Dumb Things
–Big Pig Hungry Town
–Icehouse Great Southern Land
–The Song Company Great Big Brain
–Yahoo Serious The Tasmanian
–Models I Hear Motion
–Yahoo Serious Theory Of Relativity
–The Stems At First Sight
–Ennio Morricone A Fist Full Of Scientists
–The Lime Spiders Weirdo Libido

–Yahoo Serious Young Einstein Pacifist

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