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Monday, May 7, 2018

Sydney-based emerging rock band Grill release debut single "Heart of the City"

Grill are an emerging Rock band whose performance bravado and improvised grooves have gained a committed following. They recently released their debut single ‘Heart of the City’ at The Factory Theatre. The lyrics describe the bitter sweet harmony between living in the city and the peaceful serenity of their homes (Blue Mountains and Northern beaches).

The song begins with a homage to modern jazz fusion, contrasting the bright and lively guitar melody with lush chordal accompaniment. The verse speaks of mixed experiences within the chaotic metropolitan whilst the chorus illustrates the crimson autumn leaves and the saline breeze of the harbour, a reminiscence of home. The solos conclude the comparison and their awareness of the coherent nature of the city. 


Not just a band that rocks, but a band that makes you think”, Willem, host of Retro Rehash (Blue Mountains Radio).

Grill consists of Jarrah Dhyan and Andres Rodriguez on Rhythm and lead guitar, intuitively they communicate through their instruments to Kalon Captain, whose fusion grooves blend well with Robert Mouat’s souring vocals and bass guitar, to complete the ensemble.

‘Heart of the City’, Recorded at Q-Studios (AIM) will encapsulate audiences with its musical diversity and progression. ‘The Eternal Presence’ - Grills’ debut album is set for release in May, 2018.

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