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Friday, January 12, 2018

SWARÉ returns with his broody dance floor filler ‘REMEMBER’ ...electro beats and catchy choruses

We first heard from Swaré back in August with his eminently dance-able debut ‘I Want You to Move’ and now he’s back and ready to set dance floors across the country aflame with ‘Remember’. 

Listen via Soundcloud here: amsware/remember

The latest offering from the emerging Australian artist takes a different route from his debut release without losing any of the things we love about Swaré: slick vocals, big electro beats and oh so catchy choruses. 

Produced by ARIA-nominated Michael McGlynn (L-Fresh the Lion, Little May) and co-produced by Toby Chew Lee of MOZA, Swaré’s ‘Remember’ offers up a smooth, sexy dance pop sound sonicaly whilst exploring deeper lyrically. 

“’Remember’ definitely has more meaning for me personally”, Swaré explains. “It’s the first time I’m actually singing about stuff that happened to me that isn’t just about going out and dancing. I don’t think it’s a particularly dark track necessarily, there’s just more emotional stuff going on there. I still want people to dance to it.” 

No need for concern there! Wrap your ears around this one and let the music do all the work. Swaré has delivered the goods yet again.

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