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Friday, January 26, 2018

Boogie!...Australian Blues, R'n'B and Heavy Rock from the 70's

As the title suggests, Boogie! is a celebration of the Blues-based Rock sounds that dominated Australian music in the early 70's and onward. It is the first compilation to comprehensively cover this music, which was THE sound of young Australia in the 70's. The 44-track collection features original cover art by Ian McCausland, who designed iconic cover and poster art for the likes of Daddy Cool, Chain and the Rolling Stones back in the day, as well in-depth liner notes by Jen Jewel Brown who, as Jenny Brown and Jenny Hunter-Brown, was one of the most incisive Australian rock critics of the day. It was compiled by David Laing, who anthologized Australian garage rock of the punk-era and beyond with the acclaimed 'Do the Pop!' compilation some years ago.

The track list is very impressive....

Disc: 1
  1. Chain - Black and Blue
  2. Blackfeather - Boppin' the Blues
  3. Billy Thorpe & the Aztecs - C.C. Rider
  4. Band of Light - the Destiny Song
  5. Spectrum - I'll Be Gone
  6. La de Das - Gonna See My Baby Tonight
  7. Stevie Wright - Guitar Band
  8. Rose Tattoo - Bad Boy for Love
  9. Buster Brown - Something to Say
  10. Coloured Balls - Flash
  11. Kahvas Jute - She's So Hard to Shake
  12. Masters Apprentices - I'm Your Satisfier
  13. Buffalo - Sunrise (Come My Way)
  14. Madder Lake - 12LB Toothbrush
  15. Wendy Saddington and the Copperwine - Backlash Blues
  16. Friends - Bird on a Wire
  17. Indelible Murtceps - Esmeralda
  18. Captain Matchbox Whoopee Band - Your Feets Too Big
  19. Ren E Geyer - Dust My Blues
  20. Cold Chisel - Home and Broken Hearted
  21. Ariel - Worm-Turning Blues
  22. Daddy Cool - Daddy Rocks Off

Disc: 2
  1. Matt Taylor - I Remember When I Was Young
  2. La de Das - Too Pooped to Pop
  3. Cold Chisel - Goodbye (Astrid, Goodbye)
  4. The Dingoes - Come on Down
  5. Madder Lake - Booze Blues
  6. Sid Rumpo - Breaking My Back
  7. Thump'n Pig & Puff'n Billy - Captain Straightman
  8. Kevin Borich Express - I'm Going Somewhere
  9. Buffalo - Lucky
  10. Ted Mulry Gang - Darktown Strutters Ball
  11. The Angels - Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again
  12. Lobby Loyde & the Coloured Balls - Mama Loves to
  13. Billy Thorpe & the Aztecs - Most People I Know Think That I'
  14. The Ferrets - Janie May
  15. Skyhooks - Saturday Night
  16. Martin Armiger - I Love My Car
  17. The Sports - You Ain't Home Yet
  18. Jo Jo Zep & the Falcons - Ain't Got No Money
  19. Daddy Cool - Hi Honey Ho

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