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Friday, November 10, 2017

Sydney-based indie rock group CREO debut EP 'Subtitles for X, Y Z'

Sydney-based indie rock group CREO recently released their debut EP ‘Subtitles For X, Y, Z’, five hard-hitting tracks of gripping indie-rock - engineered and produced by Nathan Sheehy (Dune Rats, Birds of Tokyo, Bluejuice). Harnessing structure and dynamics with finesse, the band inhabit songs and make them breathe. Walls of intricate guitars meld with strong rhythmic sections and the endearing vocals of front man Jorjee Haman, to deliver a compelling maiden record.

Haman describes the creative process behind the record –

“The making of this EP was a very cathartic experience.  We decided from day dot that we were going to make a record that would encapsulate the journey we’ve had as a band and young adults to date. So, we allowed the songs to be driven emotionally. I touch on things like my desperation to achieve and prove myself, the constant struggle to find my feet throughout my twenties, and the pressures of juggling an aspiring career as an artist with the (sometimes) burdening responsibilities that come with growing up. To be honest, nutting it all out allowed us to process some of the shit we’ve struggled with, not only as a group but personally”.

The band have also revealed the accompanying music video for the title track - directed and shot by Rod Enriquez at an abandoned and burnt-down school in Western Sydney. Keeping in line with the themes of the song, the location choice aims to capture an apocalyptic-like aesthetic.

“The song is all about escaping the constraints our mind sets on us. The apocalyptic setting is meant to be symbolic of the maze that are those thoughts, and I'm trying to find my way out of it” - says Haman.

Since its release, the song has garnered strong support from the likes of triple j, community radio, worldwide tastemaker blogs and Spotify via their ‘Rock Out’ and ‘Local Noise’ play lists.

“2017 has seen this band step up their game in a huge way. I'm super impressed with what they're doing and this new song could fill big rooms”. – 4/5 Stars
Dave Ruby Howe – triple j (AUS)
“With big drums, soaring vocal work and stadium-ready guitars, ‘Subtitles For XYZ’ isn't mucking around with its ambition”.
Pilerats (AUS)


‘Subtitles For X, Y, Z’ is available via Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes and all other good digital retailers

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