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Monday, April 10, 2017

Solomon O - Hypnotic Debut Single "Holograms" with amazing video

Since picking up a guitar at an early-age, Brisbane-based musician, Solomon O has formed a deep and insatiable love for writing and performing music. Fast track to the present and that endearment remains undeniably strong as he launches his new stunning debut track ‘Holograms’.


‘Holograms’ was a complete DIY recording effort by Solomon O and friend / session drummer, Brandon Gillies, and tracked between his Brisbane home studio and on the NSW Central Coast at The Grove. The mesmerizing indie-pop cut glides along effortlessly, driven by its luscious and full sounding rhythm section, beautifully composed synths and capped off by Solomon O’s dream-laden and soothing croons.    

Growing up, Solomon O learned classical guitar and piano and later found himself joining a gospel band, which taught the musician the fundamental elements of arranging and composing songs. After a brush with a drug-fueled party lifestyle, the song-smith did a complete 180 turn by undertaking and completing a psychology degree.

Following on from university, Solomon O decided to pack up his life and move to London. After what he describes an ‘early-life crisis’, he moved back to Australia, choosing Sydney as his new home where he started working on ‘Holograms’ and a collection of other songs he plans on releasing soon.

These days the enigmatic creative finds himself back in his hometown of Brisbane and slightly more settled; indulging in spending most of his pay check on new instruments and recording equipment.


“An inviting and intelligent inaugural effort, layered with atmospheric instrumentation, danceable beats and hushed, honeyed vocals aplenty. If this is what he's capable of off the bat, we're pretty excited to see what he offers up in future releases.”
The Music (AUS)
“An uplifting mid-tempo electro-pop ballad with a driving dancefloor beat and dizzying array of synth effects.”
Music Feeds (AUS)
“Yeah there's something in here, for sure. It's got a steadily beating pop heart.”
Dave Ruby Howe – triple j (AUS)

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