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Friday, January 1, 2016

Python Lee Jackson...In A Broken Dream...rare album from 1972

Python Lee Jackson were active in Australia from 1965 to 1968, before a brief sojourn in the United Kingdom. The group's most famous hit was "In a Broken Dream", featuring Rod Stewart as guest vocalist.

The original Python Lee Jackson formed in December 1965 in Sydney by two British men – singer Frank Kennington and guitarist Mick Liber – after meeting drummer David Montgomery. Together with bass player Roy James they played the underground circuit. A new Python Lee Jackson line-up came together around March 1966 when keyboard player and singer David Bentley left Sydney group Jeff St John & The Id to join Liber and Montgomery alongside former Unit 4 bass player Lloyd Hardy (aka Cadillac Lloyd Hudson).

Arriving in the UK in October 1968 Bentley, Liber and Montgomery (joined by former Levi Smith Clefs' bass player John Helman) played at the Vesuvio club on Tottenham Court Road. In early 1969 they performed at the Arts Lab on Drury Lane for several months where they were spotted by DJ John Peel. In April 1969 Bentley, Liber and Montgomery, joined by Jamie Byrne from The Groove, recorded three tracks in the studio with Rod Stewart.

Stewart was brought in to sing a few songs and one in particular, since Bentley had informed his band mates that he didn't think his own voice was right for it. Recorded by John Peel, "In a Broken Dream" and two other songs sung by Stewart, Doin' Fine (a version of Cloud Nine) and The Blues, remained unreleased until 1970 when Miki Dallon re-produced the track for his Youngblood label and released it, having bought the masters from John Peel. Rod Stewart was paid a set of seat covers for his car for doing the session. The single was not a success on its release but Dallon re-released it in August 1972 to coincide with Rod Stewart's release of "You Wear It Well", his second big solo single. With Rod being more famous by then, "In A Broken Dream" rose to number three in the UK Singles Chart and #56 in the U.S. Billboard Hot 100.

The Album "In A Broken Dream" was originally released in 1972 and was then re-released under the title "Funny Blend".

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