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Sunday, December 20, 2015

Emerging Female Indigenous EDM Prouducer Releases First Single "Love" (Soulella Remix)


Australian Aboriginal culture has brought the world music through some iconic and legendary musicians from a variety of different genres such as country, reggae, rock, hip hop, indie, folk, soul and much more. However, it is very rare if not unheard of to find an Indigenous artist who is female and has a passion for writing, composing, performing and producing EDM in particular TRANCE. . . except for Soulella, she does it all!

Soulella (pronounced Soh-ella) is one of the very few of Australia's first emerging female Indigenous Electronic Dance Music (EDM) composer & producer of trance music. Hailing from Kununurra, a small country town in the Kimberley's far north of Western Australia, she has only been producing EDM for a little under a year since her move to the big smoke of Sydney. She found her passion for producing EDM since beginning her Bachelor of Music with a major in Composition and Music Production at the Australian Institute of Music.

Otherwise known as Thaylia (Contemporary Folk Singer/Songwriter) she is also a vocalist and acoustic guitar guitar player but more recently has found her LOVE for producing electronic dance music and now she is ready to introduce herself along with her first track called Love (Soulella Remix). The track is a remix of an original folk song she wrote and released in 2014 called Love and was written, produced and mixed by Soulella.

Available now for free download (or by donation) via 

Love (Soulella Remix) - Official Video