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Monday, June 1, 2015

Buffalo..Dead Forever...debut album from this album LOUD!

The origins of BUFFALO began in Brisbane, Queensland in 1966 when mates, Dave Tice (vocals) & Pete Wells (bass) played in a band called THE ODD COLOURS.  When this band dissolved, Dave & Pete had a brief stint in STRANGE BREW (66/67) and then formed THE CAPITOL SHOW BAND later in ’67 which became highly successful in the local market. 

The band's major recording break came in March 1972 with BUFFALO signing to the prestigious UK label, Vertigo.  This was very significant at the time because BUFFALO were the first band to sign with the label outside of the UK.  Their ’stablemates’ included BLACK SABBATH and URIAH HEEP. The band immediately went into the United Sounds studios to record their first album with producer, Spencer Lee. 

Prior to the album being released, their first single “Suzie Sunshine” backed with the non album track, Chuck Berry’s “No Particular Place To Go” was released early in April to wet fans appetites.  The single received little airplay with the radio station programmers virtually ignoring it, much to the annoyance of the record company, the band and their management.  In order to gain more airplay, Phonogram put on a bash for the media at the Paddington Town Hall on 28/5/72 featuring BUFFALO performing live as well as CHAIN, SPECTRUM & COLOURED BALLS.

In May, the album “Dead Forever” was released and received good reviews, although the cover caused quiet a stir, setting the scene for even more controversy on later albums.  BUFFALO liked their music loud and this was imparted to fans on the back cover by stating “play this album LOUD!“  Live, the BUFFALO volume was loud like a huge stampede and they soon had the reputation as being Australia’s loudest band.  

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