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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Jumpin' Jimmy Taylor..former Aztecs piano man from 1965-66...request for information

Jumpin' Jimmy Taylor or James the "Boogie Man" Taylor played slammin' piano with Billy Thorpe and The Aztecs from 1965-66 and also for Ray Hoff and The Off Beats. He went on to have a distinguished career as a backup musician and even played with rock and roll greats Bo Diddley and Chuck Berry. Jimmy kept playing well into his 60's but sadly passed away over 2 years ago.

Unfortunately Jimmy's fan club site was taken down and there is little information available about him. A follower of this blog, who was fortunate enough to know Jimmy personally and had also worked up a song with him, has asked if anyone out there may have any information they can share or point out where we can find some. Anything would be appreciated. Just leave a message below this post or send through the CONTACT page on this blog.

Jimmy with Bo Diddley

Jimmy with Chuck Berry




  1. G'day, Marty;

    Thanks a lot for helping me with my request for information on Jimmy:) I've high hopes that maybe a kind reader here could possibly locate his obituary.
    Thank you for posting the Youtubes...a nice sample of the man's talent!
    Also I want to thank you for your nice presentation style on here on your excellent blog.
    This post itself feels like a lovely wee memorial to Jimmy Taylor's memory:)

    Thank you kindly again,

    1. G'day Tanktop, you are most welcome, mate....sounds like Jimmy touched many people...all the best....Marty

  2. Obit Nov 6, 2013
    THE life of Sans Souci rock 'n' roll musician Jimmy Taylor will be celebrated ..., following his death on October 30.

    1. Thank you very much for posting this dedication to Jimmy.

      I want to express my heartfelt condolences to Jimmy's family, - Jeanette and Shannon.

      I am a Canadian songwriter who was blessed to share a firm friendship with Jimmy, although I came late to the party. We met on a music blog which graced the internet, through the talents and warmth of my sister, Andrea Gottlieb de Castro Neves.

      The Boogie Man was kind enough to gift me with a slammin' piano instrumental, to which I subsequently added lyrics. Andrea's son (my Godson) 16-year-old Iasha, handled electric guitar on our production. I had explained to Jimmy that this would be a great opportunity to educate the new generation in boogie and rockabilly. He readily contributed the instrumental, even though we had only met on the internet.

      This is the kind of generous gentleman that Jimmy Taylor was:)

      I'd venture to say that "Tanktop Boogie" (Jimmy's title for his instrumental), could well be the last project he played on. An Oz/Canada/Brazil production!

      Sadly, I was never able to present it to him...yet I think he has listened, and is smiling down:)

      R.I.P. Jimmy,

      forever friends,


  3. and, great thanks for tuning us in to music from the other far side o'the world.

  4. I was a friend of Jimmy's for over 30 years and right up until his death in October 2013. I have a copy of the boogie your talking about. Jimmy played it on an electric piano. A fan and friend forever. Dianne