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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Axiom...Fool's Gold..debut album from 1970..supergroup that combined folk, country and rock

Formed in Melbourne in 1969 by Brian Cadd and Don Mudie, both former members of leading Melbourne popsters The Groop, Axiom were arguably Australia's first true supergroup. Besides his success with The Groop, Brian Cadd wrote hits for other acts, including "Elevator Driver" for the Master's Apprentices and "When I Was Only Six Years Old" for Ronnie Burns and both he and Mudie worked as session players on a number of important recordings including the Russell Morris' classics "The Real Thing" and "Part III into Paper Walls".

After linking up in The Groop, Mudie and Cadd formed a successful songwriting partnership that carried on through Axiom and beyond. Glenn Shorrock was the former lead singer of The Twilights; Lavery was from Perth's (in)famous The Valentines; Stockley was from leading Melbourne group Cam-Pact.

Axiom signed to Ron Tudor's Fable Records. Their first single "Arkansas Grass" (co-written by Cadd and Mudie) was an immediate hit, reaching #7 in December 1969. Cadd, like many other Aussie musicians, had been deeply influenced by the trend towards a fusion of country and folk elements with rock. Songs like "Arkansas Grass" show how well and how quickly Axiom mastered the idiom.

Their second single "Little Ray of Sunshine" shot to #5 in April 1970 and has since become a standard. Their first two Axiom singles are rightly considered classics, and the latter, a perennial favourite, has become one of Glenn Shorrock's trademark songs. It was followed by Axiom's brilliant debut LP Fools Gold, which was both widely praised and a significant commercial success, reaching #18 on the album chart in June.

Fool's Gold unquestionably ranks as one of the best and most original Aussie albums of the period. It was also a significant step forward in creative control, being one of the very first Australian rock albums released on a major label that was produced by the artists themselves.

Axiom deserve to be recognised as an important musical bridge between Sixties pop and Seventies rock in Australia, as one of the first serious attempts to make Australian rock with international appeal, and as one of the finest bands of their time.

"Arkansas Grass" 
"Baby Bear" 
"Ford's Bridge" 
"Take It Or Leave It" 
"A Little Ray Of Sunshine" 
"Yesterday, Today And Tomorrow" 
"Mansfield Hotel" 
"Can't Let Go Of This Feeling" 
"Country Pickin' " 
"Once A Month Country Race Day" 
"Fool's Gold" 
"Who Am I Gonna See?" 
(All songs by Mudie-Cadd) 
Produced by Axiom 
Recorded at Armstrong's Studios, Melbourne

Brian Cadd (keyboards, vocals) 
Doug Lavery (drums) 1969 
Don Lebler (drums) 1969-71 
Don Mudie (bass) 
Glenn Shorrock (vocals) 
Chris Stockley (guitar)

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  1. hello, my friend, greetings from Aguascalientes, México. I'm looking for two albums of Tully, the self title of 1970 and the Loving is hard, any chance? of course, in case you have them. Thanks in advance. Cheers

    1. hello Juan Manuel and greetings from Australia. Yes, I do have the 2 Tully albums. I will create a new post with download links. Thanks for your interest.

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  3. Thanks for this great album, and your effort with this blog.
    I bought the Raven label's comp when it first came out.
    What a terrific band!
    Probably too late to ask if you have their 2nd album "if only..." ?

  4. Hello Jamie, no, sorry, I don't have their 2nd album but will have a search around...cheers