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Monday, January 19, 2015

Sydney Electronic duo Porsches track "HORSES" and a taste of what's to come in 2015

Put two musicians in a room swapping samples and rubbing shoulders around drum machines for long enough and it will lead to a song, and then an entire project.

HORSES, is a sneak "taster" from a brand new collaboration project between beatmaker/producers Jesse Sewell and Carl Fox.

Chill swirling synths, ethereal vocals and eclectic beats are all phrases that are being thrown around the studio during the creation process and that's just where this first track has landed. Like much of the material in development, HORSES is focused around Fox's vocal melodies, layered over beats that were the original catalyst for the project.

The track premiered on BBC's Radio One Breakfast with Phil Taggart recently and is available for free download on Soundcloud. You'll be able to find it on all your favorite streaming services.

Expect a February release for Porsches debut single, which will be accompanied by the project's first live sets.

Soundcloud Link


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