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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Greg Quill and Country Radio...Fleetwood Plain...classic 1971 album

The blending of rock with elements of country music and folk was one of the most important directions in music in the late Sixties and early Seventies. Singer-songwriter Greg Quill and his band Country Radio were pioneers in this field in Australia. Many people will remember Country Radio for their popular and enduring hit "Gypsy Queen", which made the Australian Top 20 in late 1972. 

Prior to forming Country Radio, Quill was already well-known on the Sydney folk scene as a solo performer, and he also ran The Shack, the fondly-remembered folk venue at Narrabeen, on Sydney's Northern Beaches in the late 1960s. A meeting with publisher and producer Gus McNeil led to Greg being signed to Gus's new Cellar Music publishing company. Gus produced Greg's first commercial recordings, the single "Fleetwood Plain" and the subsequent album of the same name, recorded for EMI in 1970, on which he was backed by John Walsh (bass), Chris Blanchflower (harmonica), Orlando Agostino (guitars) and members of Pirana, the band which had formed from the final lineup of McNeil's old backing group The Nomads -- Graeme Thompson (bass), Jim Yonge (drums),  Tony Hamilton (lead guitar) and  Stan White (piano). The LP was released on EMI's new progressive subsidiary, Harvest.

1. "Empty Pockets/Leaving The City" 
2. "Fleetwood Plain" 
3. "Paradise" 
4. "Just Goodbye"  
5. "I'd Not Let You Be"  
6. "Song To David" 
7. "Commissar" 4:32 
8. "Observations From A Second Storey Window" 
9. "Windy On The Main" 
10. "Susannah Lee"  
11. "If You Ever" 

12. "Kitty's Song" 


  1. You beauty Marty--been keen to hear this album & it has finally surfaced--a big thank you.