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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Peculiar Hole In the Sky..various notch Oz 60's psych, freakbeat and pop...many rare tracks

Okay, here we go again with another classic compilation of rare and classic musical gems from the 60's. You will recognise some names here like Normie Rowe, The Valentines, Jeff St John, The Wild Cherries and The Cam-Pact, but there are many you may not have heard of. A collection of psychedelic pop that will certainly take you back.

1. Peculiar Hole In The Sky - The Valentines
2. Imagine This - The Iguana
3. Still I Can Go On - The James Taylor Move
4. I Can't Help Thinking Of You - The Bucket
5. Going Home - Normie Rowe
6. House Of Bamboo - Peter Wright
7. Gained For A Fall - 1863 Establishment
8. Emily On Sunday - Clapham Junction
9. Unforgotten Dreams - King Fox
10. Long Live Sivinanda - Inside Looking Out
11. Girl In The Garden - Hugo
12. Moving In A Circle - The Executives
13. Eastern Dream - Jeff St. John & The Id
14. Zoom Zoom Zoom - The Cam-Pact
15. King Of The Mountain - The Proclamation
16. Upstairs, Downstairs - Jon
17. Krome Plated Yabby - The Wild Cherries
18. Magic Eyes - The James Taylor Move
19. Brass Bird - Lloyd's World
20. Walking & Talking - R Black & The Rockin' V's
21. Mr Guy Fawkes - The Dave Miller Set
22. Picture Of A Girl - 1863 Establishment
23. Sitting By A Tree - The Escorts
24. Morning Sun - Inside Looking Out
25. Drawing Room - The Cam-Pact
26. Hey! Watch Out - Hugo
27. Tell Me Love - Marty Rhone

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