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Saturday, March 22, 2014

The Dingoes...debut album from 1974..a fine example of Australian country rock

The Dingoes were a country rock band initially active from 1973 to 1979. Formed in Melbourne they relocated to the United States from 1976. Most stable line-up was John Bois on bass guitar, John Lee on drums, Broderick Smith on vocals and harmonica, Chris Stockley on guitar and Kerryn Tolhurst on guitar. Mal Logan (who provided keyboards on the first LP) on keyboards joined after Stockley left due to illness. The Dingoes debut single, "Way Out West", was released in November 1973, which peaked in the top 40 of the Australian Kent Music Report singles chart. Subsequent singles were "Boy on the Run", "Smooth Sailing" and "Into the Night", which did not reach the top 50. They had three top 40 albums, The Dingoes in 1974, Fives Times the Sun in 1977 and Orphans of the Storm in 1979.

On 27 August 2009, The Dingoes were inducted into the Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA) Hall of Fame alongside Kev Carmody, Little Pattie, Mental As Anything and John Paul Young. The Dingoes reformed in late 2009 and released a new album "Tracks" in 2010 which was followed by a tour of Australia. A live album 'Live at Last' came out after the tour.

Track list

  1. "Come On Down" (Stockley) 
  2. "Boy On The Run" (Smith/Stockley) 
  3. "The Last Place I Wanna Be" (Tolhurst) 
  4. "Way Out West" (Dingoes) 
  5. "Pay Day Again" (Tolhurst) 
  6. "Goin' Down Again" (Tolhurst) 
  7. "Aaron" (Tolhurst) 
  8. "My Sometime Lady" (Tolhurst) 
  9. "Sydney Ladies" (Smith/Tolhurst) 
  10. "Dingoes Lament" (Du Bois) 

Produced by The Dingoes & John French 

Recorded at TCS Studios Melbourne, January 8-11, 13-23, 1974 

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Line up
Ray Arnott (drums, vocals) 1974 
John Bois (bass, guitar, keyboards, vocals) 1973-79 
Andrew Jeffers-Hardin(g) (guitar) 1979 
John Lee (drums, percussion, vocals) 1973-74, 1976-79 
Mal Logan (keyboards) 1973 
Broderick Smith (vocals, harmonica) 1973-79 
Chris Stockley (guitar, vocals) 1973-79 
John Strangio (bass) 1973 
Kerryn Tolhurst (gtr, mandolin, vcls) 1973-78


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