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Friday, January 31, 2014

Tamam, psychedelic surf rock from the 70's..Evolution and Goolutionites

Tamam Shud were an Australian psychedelic and progressive rock and surf rock band, formed in Sydney, Australia in 1967, which released two albums, Evolution (1969) and Goolutionites and the Real People (1970) before disbanding in 1972. After a lengthy hiatus they reformed in 1993 to release a third album, Permanent Culture in 1994 but disbanded again in 1995.

Tamam Shud evolved from the surf band, The Sunsets, in 1967. The group released two acclaimed LPs, recorded independently, which have both become sought-after collector's items. The band's name, meaning 'finished' in Persian was taken from the closing phrase of Omar Khayyam's Rubayyat, and this phrase (Tamam Shud) was found in a very rare edition of Fitzgerald's translation (a story related by Tim Gaze's father in the "secret" track at the enmd of their 1994 reunion album). The original lineup soon became a popular attraction at Sydney discoqtheques and "head" venues, and like their contemporaries Tully, they were often performed in association with the pioneering Sydney film and lightshow collective Ubu.

The original lineup recorded the group's debut album Evolution in late 1968. It was financed by filmmkaer Paul Witzig, who commissioned the music as the soundtrack to his surfing film of the same name. Because of Witzig's limited budget, the album was recorded live, in a single 2-1/2-hour session, and mixed in just 1-1/2 hours, with most of the tracks being first takes. The independent recording was leased to the CBS label and achieved some commercial success thanks to promotions in the Australian pop magazine Go-Set.

Lindsay Bjerre (guitar, vocals) 
Alex 'Zac' Zytnic (lead guitar) 
Peter Barron (bass) 
Dannie Davidson (drums) 

Lindsay Bjerre (guitar, vocals) 
Tim Gaze (lead guitar, vocals) 1970-71, 1972 
Peter Barron (bass) 
Nigel Macara (drums) 1970-72 
Larry Duryea (aka Larry Taylor) (congas) 1970-72 
Bobby Gebert (keyboards) 1971 
Kevin Sinott (drums) 1970 
Kevin Stevenson (reeds) 1970 
Richard Lockwood (sax, flute, clarinet) 1972

thanks to Bob for sharing this album

You can also listen to a stream of the full album of The Goolutionites here

..and 3 albums are available on Spotify 

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