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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

AMANDA BLOOM - The History of Things to Come new release..classical fusion meets Kate Bush

Australian songwriter, pianist and classical-fusion composer Amanda Bloom perfectly blends heavy rock, classical music with Kate Bush style vocals. ‘The History of Things to Come’ is her beautiful debut album. The album is self-written, self-arranged and self produced. Written and recorded in Amman, Jordan and Sydney, Australia. Featuring performances by members of the Amman Symphony Orchestra (Jordan). 

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Her back story is almost as varied and eclectic as the music itself. Amanda is classically trained and spent years honing her talent all across the globe and she has used these experiences to make  her album. She is a multi-linguist who has taught Spanish, Italian, French, Khmer and English to support her passions for music and travel, Bloom is currently based between Cambodia and the UK.

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  1. This music is exhilarating. Bloom's piano and vocals are virtuosic. Impossible to pigeonhole this music. Note - you can get first rate session musos in Jordan, where the album was recorded.