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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Awaiting Departure...Melbourne band release HOT debut single "Tell Me Now (Tell Me Over)"

Awaiting Departure are based in Melbourne, and, though only recently formed, they are already making their mark on the local scene and not looking back. Striving for a heavy pop-rock sound, Awaiting Departure deliver a fresh approach to modern music and are set to record their debut EP in late 2013.

The band are (as pictured above Lto R):
Aaron McKee, Andy Penny, Glen Dundee, Dylan Taylor and Jordan Nasreddin

Their debut single "Tell Me Now (Tell Me Over)", is available for free download at their Facebook page

also featured on TripleJ Unearthed

or check it out on YouTube....

Marty's review: the track opens with a tight, pounding rhythm section followed by a blistering and infectious guitar riff that just drives it along. The pace doesn't let up and Andy's crisp and up front vocals are the icing on this spectrum of wall to wall sound. An outstanding debut that will leave you wanting for more. Looking forward to the EP.

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