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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

An Open Invitation...contribute your articles about or related to Australian music

In an effort to make this blog more interesting and have varied content, I am asking you, the readers and visitors, to contribute your own articles and comments about and related to Australian music. It can be anything from the past or present, a story, anecdote, reviews etc..etc..

Here are some suggestions:

  • Your favourite song, EP, album
  • A concert or show you attended
  • Your top 10 Australian albums or songs
  • An upcoming new artist or release
  • Your favourite songwriter, singer or group
  • The eras or decades of Australian music (50s, 60s etc..etc..)

The article can be up to 400 words in length and include pictures, YouTube video, Facebook pages or links to other sites and blogs. Make it humorous if you like and be as creative as you know how.

Just go to the Contact page of this blog and email me the submission. You can use your own name or nickname if you like, whatever suits you, and you will be acknowledged accordingly. I look forward to your input..go for it!


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