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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Bobby and Laurie with The Rondells...I Belong With You...Early 60's Beat and Pop

Bobby and Laurie were a popular singing duo of the 1960's, featuring Laurie Allen (vocals, guitar, keyboards) and Bobby Bright (vocals, guitar). Their regular backing band were The Rondells. The pair formed one of the leading acts in the first wave of the Australian 'beat pop' era between 1964 and 1967.

They had the first record on the new Go Records label with "I Belong With You" which was released with its 45 B-side song "Trouble in Mind" in August 1964. "I Belong With You" was a hit staying at number-one on the Melbourne charts for two weeks and won Laurie an Australian Record Award for 'Best Composition' in 1965.The duo reached their peak in late 1964, busily touring the country and appearing in numerous concert and television performances.In early 1965 the pair appeared on the Teen Scene music television show on the ABC, where they were famously dragged off the stage by screaming female fans.

This 26 track compilation combines their early hits plus a few bonus tracks

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