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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Delltones...Walk Like A Man

32 track compilation from this legendary vocal group including classics like "Gee", "Come A Little Bit Closer", "Hangin' Five" and "Hey Girl Don't Bother Me".

The Delltones and started out as a vocal harmony group with the lineup consisting of Brian Perkins, Noel Widerberg, Ian 'Peewee' Wilson and Warren Lucas. In 1962, with the single "Get a Little Dirt on Your Hands" in the top five on the Australian charts, the lead vocalist Noel Weiderberg died in a motor vehicle accident. His position was later filled by Col Loughnan.

The Delltones have been entertaining Australian audiences for over five decades, with their most successful recording years in the 1960s. Ian 'Peewee' Wilson is the only current member from the original lineup. In the mid 1980s he transformed the group from a vocal quartet to a five piece vocal band. This along with other stylistic changes, led to the band's resurgence and the chart topping, Rock ‘n' Roll revival album, "Bop Til Ya Drop". The band remains as one of the most consistent live entertainers in Australia, with arguably the longest performing and recording history, for a vocal harmony band with an original member.


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